Street Fighter 2 - Retro Replay - Arcade Memories


Howdy Hive Gamers

In this retro replay I want to check out the classic beat em up Street Fighter 2

SF GIF 2.gif

In 1991 when Street Fighter 2 first released I would have been 7 years old.I cant remember exactly the first place I ever saw the game but I do remember being on a cruise ship in either 1991 or 1992 and playing this game alot of the time in the ships arcade.

The original game titled Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting had a line up of just 8 characters...Ryu and Ken Karate Masters , E Honda The Sumo Wrestler ,Chun Li the kung fu kicking queen ,Guile The US Airforce bro , Blanka the Brazilian Beast ,Zangief The Russian Wrestler and Dhalsim The Indian Yogi.
SF 2 CHAR 1.png

One of the things I loved most about the game back when I first played it was the bonus stages where you need to destroy a car.Letting loose on the car is still incredibly satisfying today :)...

SF 2 car e honda.gif

My favorite character from the original line up is Ryu ,in this Retro Replay I start with Ryu and see how far I can progress with him before checking out the rest of the characters.

SF gif 1.gif

Lets do this :)
(Sorry about the low volume on my commentary,I need to figure out how to lower the volume on MAME )