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When you start playing a MOBA, it is common to choose to use characters that have a long attack range or so-called shooters. They are fast, do good damage and can always be the MPV of the battle. As you begin to explore the game, you will find that there are characters from other styles that are very good in battle and offer you a unique game experience.

Following that wave, I want to introduce you to a character who is the opposite of the shooters and that is Aleister. Aleister is a mage focused on control, this means that his skills are made to control the enemy, but don't think that they won't do enough damage to finish them.

Aleister is the Lord of Mischief, he is a very intelligent being and according to his story, he was a candidate for the temple of light, with a potential to become Sons of Light, but his little will power led him down the dark path and he began to fight against the forces of resistance. His skills of deception gave him many victories.

Aleister is a character with a high difficulty to use, but that makes it a challenge. His movement speed is low but the recharge of his skills is good and that compensates.If Aleister is alone in battle, it can become a difficult task as he does not have much life and escaping from the enemy heroes will not be so easy, but accompanied by an assassin or warrior, he is perfect to stop the enemies and finish them. His specialty is in his skills, which have a very high effect, let's say that it' s the strength of this character.

Wicked Plot

This is a passive skill, that is, it will always be active. Aleister is capable of causing curses on enemies and when 3 are accumulated, they will cause real damage.

Magic Barrier

Aleister summons a magical barrier thanks to the power of the ray in which the enemies when touching it are stunned, are slowed down and receive a curse. In addition to this, the barrier causes a great deal of magical damage. This ability is ideal for stopping minions and preventing enemy Heroes from escaping.

Matrix of Woe

With this ability, Aleister invokes a matrix circle that deals damage to enemies per second and additionally, for each successful hit, he will receive 1 curse. This ability, combined with the Magic Barrier, is ideal for dealing a large amount of damage.

Magic Prison

Aleister creates a magic prison that traps a hero for a maximum time of 3 seconds. During this time, he causes magical damage, stuns the enemy and makes it impossible for him to make attacks or even move. This ability helps to prevent the enemies from escaping and combined with the previous ones, it can even cause death.

Combined skills

Some Heroes in Arena of Valor do not have the ability to combine all of their skills in one attack since the nature of their skills may not be focused on attack. All of Aleister's skills are meant to control the enemy, deal magic damage, and prevent them from moving. This means, that you can use all 3 skills in one attack and achieve extra damage with his passive curse skill.

  • For being a magician, do not seek to confront other Heroes directly. You can defend a tower very well, taking advantage of the tower's damage and control skills.
  • At a certain point in the battle, seek to ally with a warrior or assassin so that together you can break through and lead the entire team to victory.
  • Its speed of movement is slow so look for combine with additional skills of movement so you can escape when you are in trouble.
  • As a character that is not used much in battles, he can help cause the element of surprise and bring the necessary to the team to achieve victory.

Area of Valor is a MOBA game for mobile devices, you can download it from your app store. It has a maximum weight of 3gb and it is necessary to have 1.5gb of ram for an acceptable performance.

Mobile Gaming Device: Redmi 7 (Android)
Images edited with Photoshop and Powerpoint
Screen recorded with the application integrated in the MIUI system
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All images were taken from the game and the official website.


Nice looks cool where can I find this game at?

You can find this game in the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store.

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