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If you are planning to go out and hunt an Azure Rathalos, this time I want to share with you a review about this monster so you can be as prepared as possible for battle.

If you have faced a Rathalos before, you will know that he is a strong opponent and as it is never enough, the Azure Rathalos is doubly dangerous and the knowledge you may have before going into battle, will give you a certain advantage, but remember hunter, your skills are what will give you the victory.

The Azure Rathalos at first sight differs from the normal Rathalos by the color of its scales, which are blue and gray. It may even seem less dangerous but the truth is that it is more furious and its attacks are faster and more precise. In combat, he usually fights longer from the air, throwing fireballs and double-area assaults that will make you dodge at all times and look for a single chance to attack unless you have long-range weapons.

His maneuvers in the air are exceptional, he can attack you and still be in the air very relaxed. When he gets angry, he increases his speed so don't make any false moves so you don't get hit. His tail causes you poison, so be careful with his attacks. After a fireball, it can come after you and if it fails, it will launch a fire blast to try to hurt you. Some of his moves are very fast and he makes them twice in a row.

The first thing you should know is their weaknesses. The Azure Rathalos is very weak to the Dragon element and somewhat weak to the Ice element. It is resistant to thunder, water and immune to fire. Knowing this, you can go prepared with a weapon of the dragon element or ice so that you can achieve the greatest possible elemental damage. Discard any weapon you have with the fire element as it will cause very little damage.

The altered states that affect him most are sleep, paralysis and stun. It is resistant to poison and blast. If you want to go with a weapon that causes altered states, I recommend that you use paralysis or stun. These states tend to happen more often than sleep.

The Azure Rathalos is a monster that attacks with fire and causes Fireblight, you can equip yourself with some gems or use parts of armor that help you resist this element. I also recommend that you go with at least a 400 defense so that you can resist its attacks. If you face him in master range, your defense should be May to 550 or you will die with only one attack.

Among the weak points that you should attack, there is the tail, in which you should cut quickly to avoid the damage by poison that this cause. The second is his wings, look to damage them so that he is not so annoying while attacking in the air. The third point that you should focus on is the head, look to break it so that you can then cause more damage to it.

Whether you use ballistic weapons, swords or hammers and axes, they all have the same range of damage to the weak points. Use the weapon you feel most comfortable with, but I recommend using the bow, you will be able to dodge its attacks better and hit it a greater number of times while it is in the air. If you are not to use the bow, you must make it fall to the ground, you can take blinding capsules, explosive barrels, place traps for when it hits you and thus keep it on the ground and attack it easily.

The Azure Rathalos is not an easy monster to learn its patterns, it can vary many its attacks, but neither will it be complicated to know how it moves and look for the best moments to hit it. Be patient, dodge, conserve energy and attack, you will see that victory is yours when you least expect it.

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