Super Mario Brothers 3 - Koopa Kid Chaos Hack - World 1

in Hive Gaming9 months ago

Yay! Finally was able to capture the first world of gameplay!! I'm glad I did. It is a wacky game. The levels are all screwed up!! Funny enemies where they are not supposed to be. I like how the levels are random. For some reason one turned out to be a normal level of the first world. One stage was empty of enemy sprites. I love the randomness of the levels. Sometimes when you go down a pipe you end up in a pit of doom!! There must be empty levels that get randomized too. Always makes for a surprise!

Whew made it through the first level! Before I think I tried to use it without cheat codes via game genie. This time I decided to just enjoy and keep the codes on! Explore the stages! Some will be impossible to beat otherwise. I like the brick throwing cheat. That comes in handy many times. As well as the flying ability in the item menu.

I like that this is a longer video too. Shows me getting through all the stages of the first world. Can't wait to get to World 2 and make a video and post about it!!

Here is the video!!

Ya I'm glad I'm getting back into gaming again lately. Helps me take my mind off things for awhile so I can get back at it!!