Getting Back To The Super Mario 3 Hack! Going Over Some Older Gameplay

in Hive Gaming9 months ago

I got into playing the randomized Super Mario 3 Hack I made. Will start making new videos. I tried to make one tonight but it glitched out part way so it did not record the full clip. I will try again tomorrow. Will see if it works. I ended up making a rather bizarre version of Mario 3 with randomized levels and enemies. Also hacked some of the levels plus adding different enemies in the level, even bosses! It was about a year ago since I played this hack. Here is some of that gameplay.

I like to do weird stuff with the game! Glitch it out and make it interesting. I'm hoping the computer doesn't glitch too much and I can do a proper walkthrough. The levels get so random. There are levels I never seen before with the help of the randomizer. I had to alter some of them to make them passable. Some do not load at all. Here is another video of a strange occurrence. Fight bosses in an underground level then go in a pipe and the stage gets mirrored in an oh so glitchy way!!

I'm glad I'm getting into this again! Want to make use of my work and for people to see it! Also gives me a bit of a break from the Sonic 3 and Knuckles hack. I'm keeping on with that one. Made the Mario 3 one all the way through already. Time to play it while I work on Sonic.