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After solving the crisis at Goldpaw city, I finally got this nation to join the contract for the world peace (miss sympathy is that you?). The idea is to make all five kingdoms of the world to join as well in this magical contract of mutual cooperation.

Next target is a kingdom overseas, but for that matter we need to build a ship and set sail towards that land.

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The Forest ruler in the Gold paw region I helped earlier, pionted out a special place to build a ship and to find the best wood in the forest. Of course, that just wouldn't come easy.

As soon as we as I arrived to the location full of Metal-like wood, a roar is heard while something moves within the trees. Next thing, a giant electro Gorilla-corn falls down braking the ground and roaring all over.

This monster Zagg is an enhanced version of the first gorilla-like monster we encountered at the king's craddle. Now, having electro properties it is easy to counter with the right higgledies and elemental weapons. I used a lot of wind and dark attacks using Evan's magic.


Once we got rid of Zagg, THe wood was ours to take and build the ship. We carried it over to the fishermen port and started the preparations to visit the next kingdom. Chapters end.

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