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The best Pals!

That is what Final Fantasy XV really is about. A journey with your best friends, having good times, Eating delicious junky food, recruiting deities, facing peril together, mocking each other, making prophecies happen. you know, the usual.

This title sure brought things different. As a FF fan, I expected some traditional elements to be present. It was frustrating at first to find such a different, more-solo game mechanics with no control over summoning, lack of character switching, low variety of equiptment, etc.

Now here comes the big but, and it is that the story started to dig in, the battle dynamics and interactions began looking great and appealing, the world felt huge as the summons, and even the main intro music was majestic. So, I kept playing the game.


It's been great so far with these four characters: Noctis -the future King, Gladious -the Kings Shield, Ignis -The Chamberlain, and Prompto -the bestie from high school. All of them traveling in the expensive Regalia car.

In this game, Prompto is a fan of Photography, and each day he will take pictures. This skill is developed throughout the game as he records all the adventures the group has.

During night time you can select the best ones and hear comments from the characters about it. It is a pretty contemporary aspect on a fantasy game.


Here is a sample of the best stalking moments Prompto captured during my FFXV first steps:


Prompto took a selfie in the middle of a deadly battle, you know, just because!


Of course he is always following Noctis with the camera in case something amazing happens.


How did he got this close to Noctis in the middle of a battle?


Running out of gas in the middle of nowwhere...


Prompto's ass almost being kicked


Revealing the dark Emo side of Noctis


Who wouldn't smile riding a Chocobo?

There are many many more pictures, as I have been saving some content to sahre with you guys. SO far, I'm digging the story and I'm getting stronger to fight very bad-ass fiends out there.

All pictures taken from the game. Final Fantasy XV Windows version.


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Let's get those rewards and replies! thanks!

You're welcome @gaeljosser 😊

Sweet group selfie! :D I need to test this game sometime

Thanks! It is a game for for all fans and new ones. Do test it.

These photos look amazing and make me want to play this game. I do have it in my PlayStation library, so maybe I will play it eventually.
You did a wonderful job capturing these images.
My favorite one is the ones with the blue energy balls floating around in the background. The group photos are great too! Stellar post!

Hey thanks man! we were in the middle of a near-to-death battle at night time which increases the peril and difficulty in FFXV, and Prompto decides just in the middle of it that it's selfie time with some hard-to-kill electro bombs, you know, just for fun lol. I love that pic too.

It's a great game, especially after the later changes made on it, and if you start it let me know so I share with you my "don't make these horrible mistakes I made" complete guide XD.

Thanks! I have many games on my to do list. Not sure how soon this one will make it into my daily activity. Followed you so I can remember to ask for help or I do ever start it.

Oh man the adult life against the gamer one, hope you get to play FFXV. Thanks for the follow!