A kingmaker bond | Chapter I | Ni No Kuni Revenant Kingdom

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To actually play a Ghibli Studio movie is quite an experience. I have always been fan of these kind of movies. This studio had great titles in the past like "my neighbor totoro", "Mononoke princess", and "Howl's moving castle". A couple years ago, they ventured in the videogames world with a a lovely magic/pokemon/rpg title named Ni No kuni- Wrath of the White Witch. Then, a sequel to this game was announced holding the same name with the subtitle "revenant kingdom".

The story is based on a peculiar interesting fact. In a world of kingdoms, for becoming the ruler of a certain nation one person must gain the favor of a magical powerful creature known as kingmakers. By gaining the favor of this mythical foe, a person would be consider fit to rule.

During this first chapter, I played with a man named Ronan who appears into this world of magic and meets the king-to-be Evan in a moment of tumult trying to escape his own kingdom being under attack.

After the first moments, Evan realises he is without kingdom and without kingmaker to validate his ruler's right. He then decides to obtain a new mythical creature to form a new kingdom of his own.

Ni no Kuni II_ Revenant Kingdom 14_4_2020 11_09_52 p. m..png

Ni no Kuni II_ Revenant Kingdom 14_4_2020 11_12_47 p. m..png
Ni no Kuni II_ Revenant Kingdom 14_4_2020 11_10_25 p. m..png

Accompanied by an usual rpg party, they arrive at a placed named kingCraddle. After going down stairs the action didn't wait for appearing and we faced a Gorilla.like giant boss named Thogg.

Once defeated, one would expect an awesome reward; the promised new kingmaker of your own to build a kingdom with.

We looked everywhere and a tiny yellow thing appeared in front of us. He spoke and revealed it was Lofty, ouw king maker!

Certainly he didn't look like an imposing mythical creature of ancient but a tiny pet!! Oh well , you get what you can and make limonade...

Ni no Kuni II_ Revenant Kingdom 14_4_2020 11_12_43 p. m..png

It did reminded me of "my little ponyo" sirens and it is pretty much like those character of Ghibli films. Once you receive a Kingmaker you have to make a bond with it by taking an object and doing a pact. In this case, Evan uses a wand and the bond is formed.

Ni No kuni II started great. It has humor, magic, many characters and a good backup story. I love it so far. We'll see what it brings next.

Ni no Kuni II_ Revenant Kingdom 14_4_2020 11_17_04 p. m..jpg

All images taken from the game
Cover made using Photoshop


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That's what votes are for, thanks!


Oh you should! (but first genshin lol)

Estoy pensando seriamente en expropiar el PS4 a mis hijos, lo tomaré como una medida pro-educación para ellos y pro-entretenimiento para mi jajajaja

jajajaja una sabia decisión!

I couldn't hear you on yesterday's 4x4 show because the internet went down, but i just read your post and i realize that Ii don't know anything about anime/manga hahahah nor had i heard it before, but i know i can try it one day.

lol No worries tripode, I love this game; I recommend it very much. Let me know if you get to play it one day.

Of course, hahaha i´ll let you know.