Torchlight II is FREE at the Epic Games Shop til 7/23!!

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Torchlight II, from Runic Games and Perfect World Entertainment, is FREE at the Epic Games shop until July 23rd, 2020.

I have played the first Tourchlight and it is a pretty entertaining game. If you like playing Action RPGs (something I love ❤️) I would recommend this series to you. It has a Diablo vibe but open world, although Diablo IV will apparently be open world. It even allows you to replay the game from the start (with greater challenge) once you have beaten it.


You can choose from four class types; Engineer, Outlander, Berserker, and Embermage, and customize your character as the game progresses. The Engineer is a heavy melee fighter, your warrior possibly tank class. The Outlander uses ranged attacks and what they call "low magic", your archer class possibly ranger class character. The Berserker like most berserkers uses fast attacks,they also have special animal powers. The Berserker would fit the tank bill, I'd think. The Embermage is well, your mage class. They use spells and elemental attacks. You can also collect pets and go fishing (everybody loves virtual fishing!). The game also allows multiplayer co-op online for free.

🤑 Add another $19.99 in value to your video game collection for free until July 23rd!
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