Retro Review - The Story of Thor 2

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After playing The Story of Thor, I immediately decided to play its sequel, which tells the story many years before the story of the first game, so it is a prequel. As a "sequel" game it keeps all the main features of the first game, only the graphic aspect changes, but, although personally, it didn't have the same impact of the first game, in general terms it's a pretty good game.

Today's Retro Review is about: The Story of Thor 2.

The Story of Thor 2 or also known as The Legend of Oasis, as I said before is a prequel that is set many years before the events of the first game. This time it narrates the adventures of Leon, who was given the golden bracelet, with which he can obtain the powers of the elemental spiritus. As in the first game, we have the help of the spirits: Dytto, Efreet, Shade, but we will also have the help of Brass, the spirit of sound, Bawu the spirit of the earth and Airl, the spirit of air. And just like in the first game, the villain wearing the silver bracelet, Agito, is a magician and Leon's enemy, which we must stop using the elemental spirits. It is quite interesting that this game was a prequel in terms of chronology and although in terms of plot it is quite simple, as it is the typical "good versus evil" story, the way the events are narrated in this game is entertaining.

The Story of Thor 2 presents graphical improvements, but maintains much of the aesthetics and style of the first game, something for which it is quite characteristic. In this "sequel" (which is actually a prequel), the scenarios look much better, with better decor and elements that make many of the places are full of life and are very striking at first glance. This game, like the first one, is still quite colorful, the color palette is very bright and very varied, this makes the scenarios look really good.

Regarding the character design, the protagonist of this game, Leon, has a much larger sprite design than the protagonist of the first game, Ali. It looks much bigger, but I don't think that in terms of details it is superior, only in size, in design it is much simpler. In terms of animation, in this sequel, the protagonist has a more varied and fluid set of animations than the first game, there are many animations that Leon can perform, especially when he is battling against enemies.

On the other hand, the design of the enemies are also very good, much more varied and with better design than the first game, some of them of great size, especially the final bosses, which are always a visual spectacle. However, in general terms, although in terms of graphical quality, The Story of Thor 2 presents a visual improvement quite easy to notice, I still like the graphical aspect of the first game, I think it has better personality, but The Story of Thor 2 is a game that looks spectacular anyway.

As in the first game, The Story of Thor 2 maintains a high quality soundtrack. With melodies composed in such a way that they can fit with each of the moments and situations that we will live in this game, with many environmental melodies that serve as accompaniment and help to "decorate" along with the scenario. The Story of Thor 2 did not risk much is to have a soundtrack very different from the first game, it keeps that same line and that's fine, although perhaps I expected something a little different, however, it is a soundtrack of great quality.

In this aspect I think I will not extend much, since The Story of Thor 2 keeps exactly the same mechanics as the first game. We are facing an isometric view Action RPG game, in which using the weapon of our character, physical blows such as kicks and fists or the powers of the elemental spirits we will go through each place that this game has to offer and defeat enemies. In a way this game can also be attributed certain elements of beat'em up, although logically it is not its main genre.

Leon, the protagonist of this game, will be able to perform different attack combos, he has a good set of moves which will be very satisfying to perform and complete. The control over our character is still quite easy, we can perform combos of attacks quite easily and added to the wide variety of attack moves that our protagonist can perform, the gaming experience is much more entertaining.

The typical puzzles can not be missing, many of them will be a challenge to solve, although they do not have a very high degree of difficulty, but they are there to give variety to the gameplay and this is already a very typical element in this kind of games, which are always welcome. In general terms, The Story of Thor 2 has basically the same gameplay as the first game, with few variations at the level of mechanics, beyond adding a few new spirits with new skills, it is a game that did not want to change almost nothing in its gameplay, although unlike the first The Story of Thor, this one has a longer duration and a higher difficulty level in general.

The Story of Thor 2 is an excellent game, that despite not having innovated almost in any element with respect to the first game, is a good "sequel", but may not have the same charisma as the first The Story of Thor, however, is a game of very high quality in many of its aspects.