Retro Review - Keio 2: Flying Squadron

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And continuing with my marathon of games of the platform genre, again I played one that also happens to be a sequel to another game, but this time I knew it was a sequel, but the prequel to the game I'll talk about today, I didn't play it not because I didn't know it, but because it is a totally different genre of video games, a shoot em up, and honestly, of all the genres of video games, is the one I like the least, I always found it boring (although I do not rule out playing it, because just for its graphic aspect is worth it) or maybe I'm just bad at that kind of games. Anyway, today I will talk about its sequel, which completely changes the genre and is a very fun platform game with a spectacular visual and artistic style.

Today's Retro Review is about: Keio 2: Flying Squadron.

Keio 2: Flying Squadron is a direct sequel to the first game, which narrates the adventures of Rami, (I haven't played the first game of this little saga yet, but I will), this sequel is set a year after the events of the first game, and its simple plot is based on recovering a scroll which has the route to a great treasure... or something like that, the truth is that I didn't pay much attention to the story, but what does catch my attention is that this game has entirely anime scenes, and they were made by the animation studio Studio Pierrot, which is known for having made the adaptations of Naruto and Bleach.

The graphic style of Keio 2: Flying Squadron is simply spectacular, eye-catching and full of life. With an excellent set of character design, it really is a game that stands out at first sight, with a color palette that only adds to the beauty of this game. This was one of the reasons why this game caught my attention, since the care that there is in the scenarios of this game, as well as in its characters, is worthy of admiration and congratulations to the developers of this title.

Keio 2: Flying Squadron is a game that, as you can guess, handles a certain type of humor, a quite Japanese humor, but for those who are used to anime, they will be very familiar with this type of humor. And these characteristics can be seen in the animations performed by the characters, they are very expressive, very dynamic and fun. Especially the protagonist of this game, Rami, as he is able to perform very comical animations that add quite a lot of charisma and character to the whole game.

It is a game with very varied scenarios, with details in every corner and with an outstanding drawing style, worthy of being one of the games with the best graphic style of the Sega Saturn, and by far. The animations are also very outstanding and fluid, something very important in a game of this style. Although I don't really like shoot em up games, and the prequel of this game is of that genre, I want to play it, since it maintains much of the artistic and graphical style of this sequel, so despite my tastes regarding this type of games, just for its designs, it is worth playing it.

A game with such a spectacular graphic style could not be without a soundtrack according to its great artistic and visual level, and that is why the sound aspect of Keio 2: Flying Squadron is very good. With simple melodies, but very well composed and presented at the right moments, it makes playing this title even more fun and entertaining. The music plays a very important role in Keio 2: Flying Squadron, in such a way that, together with its visual aspect, they manage to create a really pleasant and memorable game environment. Keio 2: Flying Squadron has that kind of melodies that we will remember for a long time, and that soon after we are playing, we will be humming them because of how good they are.

Keio 2: Flying Squadron is a very conventional adventure and platform game with some action elements. With a fairly easy and comfortable control over our protagonist, it can be said that the control of our character is extremely easy, but that does not make it a boring game, because in terms of variety of stage design, challenges and obstacles to overcome and platforming sections to go through (as there are many), plus enemies to defeat, makes this game very entertaining.

Despite being a game in which its main focus is platforms, in some sections the game will change genre and we will have shoot em up type sections, that is, the game returns to the roots of its prequel and in some moments we will have to overcome areas with a complete change of genre, although there are few sections of this style, it is still a quite interesting addition that adds more variety to this beautiful video game. Rami, our protagonist, may have some items that will help them to overcome the levels more easily, as well as defeat those enemies that stand in our way, from an umbrella that serves to stop enemy attacks coming from the sky, to a hammer that will serve to attack, and even a bow to perform ranged attacks.

Variety of scenarios, each one with a different theme, with different obstacles and enemies and with difficulty levels that go up as we advance, although it is not a difficult game, it is a quite entertaining challenge to complete this excellent and beautiful title.

Keio 2: Flying Squadron is simply beautiful, one of those games that are worth playing just to observe its visual style, but besides that it is a platform game, which despite being quite conventional and with very classic elements of this type of games, it is a title that is highly recommended.


You always go the extra mile with your reviews, the graphics you make and stuff. Perfection! I always enjoy reading them and looking at the photos and screenshots you make.

Thanks dude, it's nice to be appreciated.

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I have the first one, always found it so cool that it got a sequel. I am interested in playing it someday =). Good post.

I'm playing the first game, and although I don't really like shoot em up games, I'm liking this one in particular

I normally don't either. But I like the weirdness