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Exode is a space colonization game currently in alpha on the Hive blockchain. For the moment players can buy card packs, make a deck to play, and enjoy the evacuation scenario. Later one once things are more development players will be able to colonize and more.

This has been a game I’ve been keeping my eye on somewhat for a while now. I love space games and this seemed like one that would be a lot of fun. You do need to buy a starter pack to be able to play. I ended up picking up a deal on all starting packs and got some goodies out of it a while back.

Recently I thought I would check in to see how things are going. It seems a fair amount of progress had been made since the last time I took a look at things. So I deiced it was time to open all my packs and try out the playable scenario that is now in testing.

Opening Packs

Exode card.png

A heavy focus for this game has been around the creation of cards and the pack opening experience. In a lot of games where you collect cards to be able to do things, this is a very important component to the overall user experience. So it makes sense a fair amount of effort was put into this.

There are a couple of different kinds of packs players can buy. Everything from the starter packs that focused on the origin of your crew and is $10 each. Then you have things like booster packs where you can get further ships, crew, and equipment to name a few things.

Exode card.png xeno analyst.png

The cards themselves are quite detailed in the information being displayed. So far I have liked how they look and the information that is being displayed to the player. If you are really lucky you might even pull better rarity cards when opening some packs.

Exode card trooper.png

While the information can be a bit overwhelming at first as you don’t know what is what when it comes to factions, skills, types of things, and so on. The information is further broken down later on when you are selecting cards before you launch with your crew. They also do have a growing wiki for players to learn further about the game.

Making A Deck

Exode making a deck.jpg

This game does feel like it’s going have quite the learning curve to it. This is a lot of times the case when it comes to space games and part of the thrill. When working on the deck of cards you will be taking with you there is a lot to think bout when it comes to the synergy of those cards and what all you need that deck to do during different stages of the game.

Exode card Navy Lieutenant.png

One of the first things you need to do is pick what kind of Origin you have. I went with Navy Lieutenant for the military background and boosts he grants. Since I have bought all three starting packs I could have gone with others this was just what looked interesting to me.

After that, you need to select what kind of ship you want to use. Depending on the ship will determine how many slots you have for the rest of the deck. The different kinds of officers and crew members will be onboard that ship. Along with things like the equipment you want to take along.

It is nice to see they already have a way to save and load decks. I feel players will be spending a lot of time theory crafting with what cards they have for the best possible combination to not only survive evacuation with but later stages of the game as well.

I will more than likely be redoing my deck a few times. I more or less just went with what I had and did not think too much into it. It will be interesting to see what kind of value long term certain cards hold and what in general players will find to be critical in obtaining.

Evacuation Scenario

Evacuation Scenario.jpg

The player moments after starting gets put into a heart-pumping scenario that you need to prepare as quickly as you can to get off the station. This includes loading important things like fuel and fixing your hyperdrive enough so you got a fair chance of making it out alive if at all. Finally, waiting for the best chance to escape while under attack both onboard and from ships attacking the station.

I was not expecting the first scenario to be as thrilling as it was. This is part of the game where I started to get thrilled that I had bought some cards early on and now I just get to sit back and wait for further development.

The Evacuation Scenario itself is composed of four different rooms. Your crew members are also scattered all over the place. Not all of them ready to go either when you get the word that you need to escape.

Part of the fun is deciding what is the highest priority tasks you want to go after first. There will come a point where you just need to hit launch and pray you to manage to escape. You could end up with a minor setback such as the hyperjump failed and you need to try again. Along with more extremes outcomes like a failure and your ship exploding.

The different tasks you need to perform also take time. How long is dependent on the type of crew you have selected for the task. While there is a clear advantage of sending those who are quicker at performing a certain task to just perform them only. Depending on the kind of crew you have that might not be an option. Not to mention if you solely focused on just passing this part of the game with the crew you pick other parts of the game that could near impossible to survive.

exode evacutation crew member.jpg

I’m willing to admit I had to play this scenario several times. I did get my butt kicked in most of my attempts. I’ve also noticed a lot of other players are getting themselves blown up as well! It was thrilling and I can’t wait to try a different deck and see how I fair with it.

Final Thoughts

exode Starfleet score screen.png

I was not expecting to enjoy this as much as I have so far. Like I’ve said before I’ve kept an eye on things somewhat; though, I was not expecting this out of a browser game. Everything from opening my packs to playing a scenario has been fun. I can’t wait for this to develop further along and see what is next for alpha and beyond.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from the game Exode (referral link).

Discloser: This game was in alpha at the time of writing this.


I have invested some of my Steem powerdown in this game and with the development is going on anyone could see the great improvement is having, although is way too early to really appreciate the whole vision that Elindos has on it. Personally I think that the complexity of it will turn out some players, as the previous comment but for those who like RPGs or sci-fi games will be imo really a candy.


It is nice to see they already have a way to save and load decks. I feel players will be spending a lot of time theory crafting with what cards they have for the best possible combination to not only survive evacuation with but later stages of the game as well.

There is already a lot of theory crafting about the game, and the players as the team has been going crazy with it, the contests organized by it have been very succesful as you could see in the community: here is the link to the contest https://peakd.com/hive-155862/@exodenews/the-baldie-challenge-aftermath-part-seven-all-good-things-come-to-an-end

And of the community: https://peakd.com/c/hive-155862/created

I did the same when I was dumping my Steem. Quick and easy way to offload some and get a future use out of it.

No doubt some will get turned off by a high learning curve. I myself prefer some complexity in the games I tend to play weekly and I hope this will be one of them in the future. Just as long as they don’t reach Eve Online levels of getting pushed out of an airlock and smashed in the face with an asteroid.

Yeah yesterday we were commenting on the discord channel the need of tutorials, there are plans to release explanatory videos on 3speak and youtube. The level of complexity will be mostly theoric, not in such way to need to know how to drive a ship or something like that, I really expect that players will come and enjoy of the experience as I'm doing myself 😄.


If it’s one thing Hive is great at doing is creating a bunch of content around a game once things start taking off. I’m sure there will be no shortage of guides and other forms of content in the future.


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I tried the evacuation scenario and I must admit, it's too complicated for me. When to do what and such things... there's a reason I'm not a fan of MMOs and similar games. But I'm curious, too, to see what Exode might become.

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I ended up ignoring trying to defend positions or get weapons/armor on my troops.

I sent a couple of people out to bring back anyone missing. While everyone else started loading fuel or repairing the hyperdrive.

 4 months ago 

Reminds me of Oregon Trail.

Interesting take. Not how I’ve viewed it but depending on how rest of the game goes with colonization it might just have a bit of Oregon Trail undertone to it.

I’m tempted to replay the one mission a few more times. I never did try to load a lot of cargo onto the ship for taking with me.

Despite its Alpha status and limited graphics, the gameplay, card tactics and strategies and overall feel are already excellent.

Also check out the great contests in Exode Pilots community for putting together great colonisation builds for different scenarios.
These have added a new dimension to the game and are a great case of Hive integration and communities.

Thanks, I’ll check it out when I have some times. Looks like you guys are already having a lot of fun with it which is great to see.

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