Taking dCity Roleplay to the Next Level

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         What else can you do in dCity when you have gotten your routines down? A lot of it comes down to the politics and the banter that goes on in Discord and sometimes over Twitter. In other words, there's a certain role-playing element associated with it.

         For the most part, people have been cordial and friendly to each other. There were no butt hurt or overcompensation that I'm aware of.

         Recently, I decided to work on a fun project using an open source program I found. It is Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator. It is the most complex tool I have ever seen for your tabletop games and whatnot.

         I'm still playing around with it, so I won't dive into the details. I may write more about it when I have a better idea of all the details. The best feature of this program is that you don't have to install anything.

         Anyways, I managed to make a quick political map. The map showcases the "political alliances" that lean toward the former president @ecoinstant.

         On this screenshot, you can see people's territories and their capital cities.

         @ecoinstant - Vanglebaard Republic; Sichensorg
         @brofund - The Social Anarchy of Brofund; Brofund
         @klye - Hive Roller Trading Company; Shitcoin Kingdom
         @bearbear613 - The Tangia Khaganate; Double Bear
         @chronocrypto - Nazian Principality; Chronopolis
         @enforcer48 - Duchy of Far Planes; Akvamarin

         As you can see, there are still several spots left for players that currently align with the people above. If you feel like you belong in this peninsula and belong to The Man Cave, please let me know. I'll make more modifications.

         As I said before, this is for fun. There's no real consequence to this fictional political map. Although, it might be fun to try to create a "world map" for the players of @dcitygame at some point.


War chief approves


This hopefully sparks some interesting ideas for the future of that game. hmmmmm

Might be too advanced.

I guess I am just not in tune with the people who are big players in the game. I like to read posts about getting better and to learn more about the game, but I don't know if I want to have to start focusing on the political aspects discussed here.

It's for fun. Like I said, it's a player-made element as the politics setup in the game is very limited.

There's really nothing binding or imposing. I feel as long as people are having fun, it's fine. I'd step away from it if people are starting to take it too seriously.

I agree with you at the moment. I generally walk away from games where people are that focused on winning. As long as I am progressing, I am happy. 😀

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