Brewing and Waiting

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         Have you guys checked out the @cryptobrewmaster game? I have and have been waiting for more updates. They recently added the ability to log in with Keychain, which is a nice touch.

         At the game play level, it's been getting a bit boring with not much to do. I brew the same beer. Drink the same beer. Hell, I even sell the same beer.

         I know...I am asking too much of a game in alpha phase, but I expected a bit more. I hope that the full release would be good because there seem to be a lot of content planned. Their last AMA contained some promising information.

         I mean, I would hope there are lots of content planned based on all the locked areas. It would be disappointing if it turned out to be a flop. Well, let's be honest, how many successful blockchain games do you know out there?

         In the meantime, I'll continue to check in, do some daily quests, and brew some beer. Like @dcitygame, it's not a game where you need to spend hours on. All you have to do is check back every now and then, or leave it on while you work at your computer.

         I like low maintenance game like this. I used to enjoy more engaging games such as various FPSs or even Dota 2. But, the major downside has always been dedicating a set amount of time per game. That was doable as a single college student. That is definitely not possible nowadays.

         Anyways, I digress.

         If you want to sign up for the game, please consider using my referral link. If not, that's fine. I used @trumpman's because I could.


Can't play today, what about you ?

Just logged in.

Yeah, my stuff isn't loading.

ok, i guess it will be fixed in the day, thank you for confirmation ;)

At the moment you can't do anything except brewing one type of beer.

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Yeah, it's getting a bit boring.

There are damn lots work on the backend)

I don't doubt it.

That is good that the added the ability to use Keychain. I think all Hive dapps should do that. I usually try to stay away from the ones that don't. It will be cool to see how this game evolves and grows.

Yeah, I personally prefer keychain as well.

I'm liking this one too. It has the possibility of a lot of options to make different kinds of beers and the front end seems really clean and not as clunky as some other games out there. I guess time will tell.


Indeed. We shall wait.