Is Hytale the next killer of Minecraft?

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So I was browsing youtube and saw a trailer for a game called Hytale. From the trailer it was very similar to Minecraft and I think that's where they took the inspiration. Let's just also say that those games have a lot of differences so it's not just a simple Minecraft clone.

Hytale trailer:

So now the crazy part. Hytale is being created by Hypixel Studio that actually owns a very popular Hypixel Minecraft server. From a community of Minecraft fans to a studio creating a game that could compete with Minecraft? Insane! It's probably going to be big as they were also acquired by Riot Games (League of Legends creators) as an independent studio.

I think that after many years Hypixel just found out that Minecraft could be much better, but there were probably too many restrictions, graphical or technical or both.

Some gameplays from the game were already published and the game should be released in 2021.

Very exciting!

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saw it on twitter... I'm not sure if it'll find great success. sure, there are lots of minecraft fans and the hype is going to be immense at the beginning, but I doubt it'll last.

Hard to tell if people liked Minecraft that much because of its simplicity because Hytale is going to be pretty complex in my opinion.