My Entry Hive Gaming's Selfie Contest - The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild

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I bought a Nintendo Switch two months ago, and the main idea was to create gaming content here on HIVE, besides having fun. I still lack some of the equipment and tools to share my gameplay, and I'm also busy on other projects, but I can always start with what I have. This contests by @hivegc is an excellent opportunity to share what I have been playing.


One of the main reasons for buying a Nintendo Switch was this game. I had the opportunity to play it back in 2017 on a Wii U borrowed from a friend. I'm not very good at games, so I could not finish it in the short time that I had the console with me. Two years later, I played it a little bit with one of my nephews' house, but I was there only for a few days, and again I could not play it to the fullest.

Now I have it in my hands, it's mine, and I can play it all I want. I'm very busy with HIVE, but I have been able to beat the game, at least the main story. There are still many sidequests and shrines to complete, though. The game is incredible, and here I will share some screenshots and short videos I took with the capture function that the Nintendo Switch has. I would make GIFs from the videos but decided to upload them to my YouTube Channel.

This was one of the first screenshots I took, only three hearts ❤️❤️❤️.


There are a lot of things to do in this game, one of the main objectives is conquering the four divine beasts. I took a selfie with each one of them.





Another cool activity: Getting a horse 🐴 🐎.






His name is Blanco and it has become my faithful friend.

Exploring Hyrule Castle!


This is actually Princess Zelda's Room, what a mess!


Zelda's Study Room


Link is cool enough to avoid looking at explosions.


These Mini-Bosses are tough!


Hyrule Castle!


Paraglading from the top of a Volcano!



Funny Stuff and Bloopers!

I love these types of games, and I love that Zelda Breath of the Wild is more like Skyrim, and there are many things to do. After I beat up the game, I like to explore the world without any objectives, kill monsters, gather stuff, cook, and find cool places. I'm going to start taking more screenshots and saving cool moments.


Thank you for reading and if you wish to participate check out this post by @hivegc.




Good game

Wow I hadn't wanted to see anything of the video game until I bought it but when I saw the title...

I couldn't stop myself!

The game is more amazing than I thought, I can't wait to play it :D

Sorry if I show some spoilers. The game is very cool can't recommend it enough!

hahaha no problem my friend :D


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¡Me encantó este post totalmente, hermano! Y definitivamente me dieron demasiadas ganas de jugarlo, yo amo con locura los juegos de mundo abierto y así con este estilo RPG como Skyrim, que por cierto, al leer mi post amarás mi historia jajaja un día excelente jugando Skyrim.

Amé la dinámica de los vídeos cortos de Youtube, porque la experiencia es mucho más entretenida, es más sencillo adentrarse en las aventuras que tuviste con nuestro legendario amigo Zelda Link, el viaje en parapente fue épico, me reí muchísimo.

¡Gracias por traer esta gran participación en la iniciativa! ¡Sigamos creciendo!

¡jajaja muchas gracias! Perdón por contestar hasta ahora entre tanto movimiento no vi la notificación del comentario.

Sí, este juego es genial, quería hacer muchos GIFs pero no tengo un programa o herramienta adecuado para hacerlos de buena calidad y ligeros, traté de varias formas y al final decidí hacer los videos en YouTube porque además así tienen sonido jeje.

Tu post me encantó, quiero hacer algo similar en Skyrim o probar otros juegos. Tanto que jugar y tan poco tiempo. Imagina que en un futuro el HIVE esté tan alto que por un post así podamos vivir toda una semana entonces podríamos dedicarnos a jugar y a hacer post así de buenos para que autofinanciemos nuestros juegos y claro la comida y todo lo demás jajaja. Se vale soñar, algún día lo lograremos.

Así mismo jajaja totalmente de acuerdo con lo que dices, así solamente tendríamos que pasarla bien asegurando que tenemos eso monetizado de la mejor manera; no creo que sea un sueño muy loco por mucho tiempo jajaja

¡Sigamos creciendo!

Wow! Great photos and videos both. I always enjoy seeing your posts with a great design as the thumbnail. Designers appreciate other designers.

I loved BOTW, but I still never did finish it. I just got tired of playing games on my switch. My girlfriend plays it more often than me, I really don’t at all anymore.

You chose some really great moments to share here. Have fun cleaning up all of the side activities on this game. I’m sure it’ll take you some time to 100%.

Thank you for your comment!

Yes, I definitely have to invest more time to complete the game 100%. And the Switch is fun, but you know what I did? I bought the pro controller, and it's like playing with an Xbox One or PS4 control, I'm not too fond of the joy-cons from the Switch, and I almost always use the dock mode.


It's a little dusty because sometimes I don't have time to play.

I preferred docked also, but playing while on break at work was always pretty cool.

I bought a silver wavebird controller from Power A as well as multiple wired pro controllers. Plus I think the joy cons have great vibration, but the haptics on PS5 are equally as good if not better.

Nice work man! :)