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Hey buddies!

A fantasy football card game, similar to our Splinterlands but with a lot easier dynamics, the company has partnerships with football clubs as Juventus FC, AS Roma, Schalke 04, Atletico Madrid, Napoli, Olympique Lyonnais, West Ham, Benfica, Porto and 32 more, until now... and you will find also El Pibe de Oro, Diego Armando Maradona!

Using the ERC721 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain, as for the famous CryptoKitties cards, these are similar cards but in a stickers style.

The game is very easy, once registered you will receive a free package of 8 cards to start playing, tournaments are organized every few days, you only have to chose your team: 1 goalkeeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder, 1 attacker, plus an extra player.

Once the tournament is over you will climb the ranking by gaining experience points and winning cards and tokens, cards can be purchased on the official website, you can also trade them on secondary markets such as OpenSea.

Some cards can reach very high amounts, which depend on cards rarity, lately one has reached $2000. If you like fantasy football this could be your chance to monetize and have fun at the same time.

They are making their blockchain stack with Loom plasmachain, cards are Non-fungible token.

There is also an affiliation system, (feel free to use mine, otherwise just go on official website) to receive your link you have to apply directly from the site, in a short time you will receive your code from staff by mail, using it you will earn 10% of the user's revenue for 1 year. Transactions, they can be made with Metamask.

Gif by @doze


Logo by @ran.koree

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it could be an interesting game, thanks for sharing!

It could have a huge potential!
You're always welcome! Thanks for watching and reading!😉✌️

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