I am the Head Chef of Call of Duty Cold War

in Hive Gaming3 months ago

Behold, the girth of my culinary skills using a knife. No zucchini, steak or cocaine on a mirror is safe from the wrath of my kitchen knife. Or, maybe this is just a quick video of me leveling my knife up to max level in the latest Call of duty game. Either way, it's time to milk you suckers for more Hive, babyyy.


lol, that was great. Love the 3peat at the end. Lemme asks ya this... are you really this good at this game in these situations or are these people just really bad?

Uh, definitely a bit of column A and column B for sure. I'm above average at the game, I've got 19k kills with a 2.17 K/D right now. But, it for sure helps when some of the enemy team are actual troglodytes.

like when you snuck up behind the dude that was watching the stairs with no cover with a bazooka. What was he hoping to accomplish?

Probably hoping to spawn camp someone, I would guess? The spawns in this game are straight garbage, especially in playlists like hardpoint and kill confirmed. It was a very poor choice though, so he was probably a cave dweller either way.