COD Cold War Highlight: My first Mega Kill

in Hive Gaming4 months ago

What's up, pussies? Normally I do a little throwback montage type video once a week with highlights from my COD gameplay. However, this week I decided to just showcase this quick little 40 seconds clip, as it's the first and probably only time I'll pull off a Mega Kill (Where you get 6 kills back to back in a few seconds. The name is super fucking lame though, sounds like what an 8 year old would come up with if he was trying to narrate FPS esports.) in this recent Call of Duty release. Especially when the game has been nothing but the sweatiest, grease lords I've ever seen in the past week. But, yeah. Enjoy the gameplay of me shitting on people. It's moments like these where I end up getting salty hate mail, so I gotta milk it for as much Hive as I can ;)

Later, doods!