Call of duty highlight: Clutching in Control

in Hive Gaming3 months ago

What's up, you sweatlords of Hive? Doing another specific clip instead of a little montage of highlights this week. Though, I probably should do one sometime soon since I have, like, 65 god damn clips piled up. Anyways, this week I'm sharing a clip of one of the best clutch moments I've had in call of duty. Now, it isn't of me getting an ultra kill or a kill chain or anything like that. However, it is a clip of me pumping some fat ass in the game mode control during a 1v4 situation where there was no respawns remaining for anyone in the round. I honestly really enjoy this game mode, and dunno why people don't play it more. But, yeah. Enjoy the high octane clip, babybois.

Until next time, doods.



lol damn my dude that was clutch!
Do you mostly play this version or do you play the big BR?
I played a bit back when it first came out around this time last year pretty heavy. Always good fun calling in air strikes on people haha

Nah, I don't play Warzone like at all. I am so burnt out on battle royales, that genre has just been insanely overdone over the past 7 years. I played it a bit when it first came out like a year ago, but I'm good at this point.