Call of Duty Cold War is easy.

in Hive Gaming2 months ago

Who'd have guessed I'd put out more highlights from the vault. Enjoy the spicy gameplay, straight from the sultan of sogginess.


people like you are the reason why I don't play FPS online games :P

Your opponents seem to really want to use that ladder. Seems a surefire way to die from where i'm standing.

Oh, man. People are actually braindead when it comes to ladders on this game, man. I wish I had a clip of what I saw about 2 months ago while playing. Literally had 3 of my teammates keep going up a ladder several times to just be mowed down before they even got off of it. They did that shit, like, 7 fucking times in a row and literally fed the guy all of his killstreaks. Spawn, run up ladder, die, repeat. Quite literally the definition of insanity right there.