Call of Duty Cold War Highlight Reel: The nipple twisting God

in Hive Gaming2 months ago

What's up, slutterbutts? Just another rousing episode of me absolutely ripping nipples and beating ass on COD Black Ops Cold War. I have to say, I feel kinda bummed that I'm a really good player at a game that will probably have one of the shortest shelf lives for an FPS game. Oh well, I guess. Just enjoy the highlight clips, you sweet babyboi's. I might do a zombies livestream or two in the near future, by the way. For anyone who might actually be interested in that. But, until next time I suppose, doods!



Look the game play was all very nice, but I saw not one nipple. Maybe I missed it. There was a some guy with a German accent @ 1:34 that said "Eggsent verk every von". Maybe he was just talking about the nipple twisting he saw. Maybe next time. Until then I'll just need to work on my own.