DApp Games : Project Spotlight by D.Buzz: Crypto Kitties

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DApp Games : Project Spotlight by D.Buzz
>> Crypto Kitties <<

What's good Friends.

What do you get when you have too much money and you like cats? Well you get a kitten breading game that is fun and expensive. Today were going to be taking a look at one of the first big games that was built on the Ethereum Block chain, Crypto Kitties.

Crypto Kitties was one of the first big Dapp games, and when it came onto the scene it was the first Dapps that really tested the Ethereum Block chain ability to handle transactions at scale.

The main game loop revolves around breeding different cats together to create unique offspring. Each cat you breed takes unique characteristics of the mother and the father, along with unique variations that pop up from time to time.

The cats that you breed can then be sold on the marketplace, or added to your collection to keep breeding more unique offspring.

Curious about this game, I decided to try it out.

I bought two cats and a third one by accident (*didn't realize there is a transaction going). With gas costs this game to about $15.

Next came the breeding aspect. Here are the 2 cats that I breed together and their offspring.

Image 20201009 at 10.31.43 AM.png

Breeding was another $15 given the high gas costs.

All said and done, to get 1 new cat, it cost me about $30 in Ethereum and to break even I would need to sell each of these cats for at least $7.50.

The game is interesting, but it makes me realize how lucky we are here on HIVE to have no transaction costs, and a platform that delivers transactions rapidly.

This game is also pretty cute and the cats do look fun. If you got some Ethereum that is burning a hole in your pocket, check out
Crypto Kitties and get into the cat breeding game!

What do you say?

  • Do you have any thoughts or feelings about
    Crypto Kitties
  • Do you play this Dapp Game?
  • Do you have a Dapp Game you want us to look at?

Let us know in the comments below!

Over and out.

- D.Buzz


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I like a kitty game like this on Hive. No gas fees though. 😒😒

Great post!!!!

Thank you!! 🤗✌️