Ten millions of power!


Recently I managed to reach a goal in League of Kingdoms, I managed to exceed the ten million power, shortly after raising my castle to lvl 21, maybe I took a little while to reach this power and is that lately I've been less active than previous days, but of course, this game I approach it as a marathon and not as a sprint, so I have my sights set on the medium and long term, I just need to be constant and complete at least the daily missions to grow gradually within the game.

Captura de pantalla_20200815_034057.png

The ranking

Having this power places me in the 176th position of the ranking, I dropped some positions since the last time, but I hope I can recover them soon, for now I don't plan to sell resources due to the high prices of the GAS, so I will surely be able to count on what I need to build my buildings and train new troops.

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Due to the current event in which enemy troops must be killed I have advanced a bit in the kills ranking, although I am not very proud to be in this table, I guess it is an achievement. I've been attacked a couple of times and I've hit a couple of castles that looked inactive or were someone else's farm, I've tried to stay out of trouble.

Captura de pantalla_20200815_034237.png

On the other hand, my alliance has gone down a step in the power ranking, this is due in part to the constant cleaning of the same in which they have removed a couple of inactive members, we are currently waiting for new members to join so that between all of us we go up in the ranking.

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Thank you very much for reading this post and don't hesitate to leave your comment. See you in the game.

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