Knowing my Axies

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My Axies are a bit old, I acquired them quite a long time ago, however I did not know them well until now that I just installed the app, and I am active playing.

The first battles were chaotic, as I didn't adapt well to the different strategies used by the other players, so I was just losing. But I started to pay more attention to my Axies, their skills and statistics,

I also learned how to use energy more appropriately, how to make combos, chains and how to take advantage of the Axies classes.

After trying out different formations I think I have managed to form a decent team.

The Tank

Tanerdk is a plant type Axie, it doesn't have a lot of life like many other Axies that play the role of a tank but it's the best I have for now.

He has 3 skills that help him to fulfill his role, Turnip Rocket is a plant attack which gives him the plant bonus, places an 80 shield and does some damage, Anesthetic Bait provides a 70 shield and occasionally causes stun on the opponent, Swallow helps to regain some life. Sinister Strike The fourth skill of this Axie does not combine so much with the tank role but at the right time it can take an opponent out of the game.

The DPS's

Nerbugd, this Axie was something complicated to learn how to use, he can do a lot of damage with the combination of cards and the right turn using his Tiny Swing and Bug Signal skills, he can also assist the Axie in front of him removing any malicious state with his Refresh skill.

Destronix is possibly my best Axie, it is capable of applying lethal combos at a good speed. Air Force One and Single Combat can do great damage quickly, Blood Taste helps to regain life when the going gets tough and Numbing Lecretion disables an Axie Enemy's melee attacks.

Out of the team

My fourth Axie is possibly a bad Axie, or maybe I haven't found a way to use him properly, he is my fastest Axie, has two strong attacks and a shield but none of his skills are water type, his base class, is an Axie that I don't find to give him an attacking or defending role

Thank you very much for reading this post and don't hesitate to leave your comment. See you in the game.

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