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Rabona has been around for a couple of months now and the game seems to be doing fine. It’s a football/soccer manager game build on the hive blockchain. You buy in the starter pack, and then just adjust your team and formation. The game “play” the matches for you, simulating them against the other players. One season lasts for around seven days and if you are on the top of the table you advance to the next level league. If you are in the bottom three you drop of to lower league.


The game has its own in game token RBN, that is earned/spend with each game. Earnings comes from selling tickets, shirts, fan material etc. Also, with selling players. You spend RBN on players salaries, stadium maintenance, buying players etc. You need to balance out your costs with your income to stay profitable. Meaning nice ticket sales and not to much player salaries.

Here we will be looking at:

  • Active daily players [DAU]
  • Active players per month [MAU]
  • Daily number of operations
  • Most frequent operations
  • Training
  • Scouting
  • Upgrading building

The period that we will be looking at is September 4th till December 20th , 2020.

Active daily players

Here is the chart for the numbers of active daily players.


As we can notice there is some activities in the beginning of September, most likely some testing, but the game really started at the end of the month around September 25th. Since then there is just above 200 players per day making some type of operations in the game.

The numbers are quite stable in the period.

Since this game is a semi idle game, there can be some players that are not active each day but come around from time to time. The numbers of the monthly active players might gives a better representation. Here it is.


Note: December is not over yet and I have extrapolated some number that might be wrong when the month is finished.

As we can see here September started with around 270 active players, then the next two months are almost the same with 325 players and December might end up in the range 320 to 350 active players.
Basically around 200 active players per day and 300 per month.

Top Operations

Here is the chart for the top operations made by players


Setting formation is the most frequent operation that players made in the game, with almost 50k operations made in the period. I personally make this one quite often and I wish there is a “bulk” options for this one, or to set more than one match formation at once.

Scouting players comes second. Interesting people are enjoying scouting new players obviously 😊. It almost as lottery. You might get a good one or not as good. Next are the train and upgrade operations.

What type of training activities are the players making?

Here is the chart.


Passing is the most trained activity, followed by endurance and the 433 formation. Passing and endurance are sort of general attributes, so it makes sense that they are most trained. The 433 formation is a default formation and as we can see its most trained.

Who is scouting the most?

Here is the chart.


@mnmiman is on the top here, with a massive 4700 scouting activities. Not sure are these all legit or there is some testing happening. @thebluewin, @arsenal49 and @acidyo have a nice amount of scouting made.


What are the players upgrading the most? Here it is.


Unsurprisingly stadium is on the top with more than 4700 upgrades. It brings most of the income, so players are going for that one. Catering and the youth academy follow next.

Overall, quite a steady start for the game with 200 daily active player and 300 per month. The players have been setting formations as their top activity, training passing the most and upgrading the stadium. Some of the top players have been scouting players in the number of thousands.

All the best


hi @dalz, great stats! :)
I would not have expected 'set formation' to be the most frequent operation, I rarely use it. Also the scouting at #2 I would not have expected. Does that pay off, e.g. can you get more from selling a random scouting on the market than 20k it costs?

Thanks @crokkon!

About the scouting, it might start to pay off once you have higher level youth academy. I have around 50%.
When scouting you want to train your new players for a couple of years, say from 17 to 21, and then start playing it or sell it. I personally keep the scouted players above 60 or close to it, 58, 57. Out of ten scouts I might get one or two like that.

It is a game of chance :)

This is getting into different level , love it .




Nice statistics in detail. Hopefully more details are added.

Brilliant post, I expected to be in the scouting ranking as well but good i am not the craziest guy :-).

One correction: bottom four go down.

If you are in the bottom three you drop of to lower league.

Ah yea ... thansk!

Surprisingly I'm still one of the top scouts even though I haven't scouted since season 2. :D

I have scouted upfront :)

Hi rabona

Hi :)

Cool game... very fun to play especially being a soccer fan 👍

In such a short time, this game is becoming very popular.

Nice post, @dalz.

I simply like the cleanness of the UX and the easy way to manage your club. Cannot but love this game which grows under our eyes.

When RBN market will be ready hopefully in January 2021 I think that the economy should boom from there on and be more appealing to other players, stakeholders or investors. Nice roadmap laid ahead of us!

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