Rabona #25

in Hive Gaminglast month


The @rabona 25th season ended.

About the season we were finish at 6th place it was not a good session at all but we will try to continue to improve the team.


In the financial departement it a good season with more a less 26M profit.


In terms of infrastructures are the following:

  • Stadium - level 11;
  • Catering - level 5;
  • Shop - level 0;
  • Hotel - level 7 (upgrading to level 8);
  • Parking Lot - level 7 (upgrading to level 8);
  • Building Yard - level 0;
  • Office Building - level 0;
  • Youth Academy - level 13 (upgrading to level 14);
  • Training Center - level 0;

I want to level up the Youth Academy to the max level to see the difference of scouted players. Currently I need to level up it more 1 levels.

I think this is a nice goal to reach that potential make my team have good young players.

I hope everyone have a good 26th season and see you in my next season resume.