Play-off #24

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Hello everyone and welcome for the last program of @rabona season 24.

This time we will make a summary of the teams that were promoted and the champion of the champions.

Champion of the champions

Bier Nach Vier

Congratulations to @uwelang for conquer the 2nd Rabona title.

League of Champions Promotion

Straw Hat Pirates (@trincowski), The Survivalist (@richeez), DFA FC (@dfacademy) and F3 FC (@flemingfarm)

League 1 Promotion

Manchester United (@behiver), Stratton Mayhem (@stratton.npc), FC actifit-peter (@actifit-peter), AS Whentown (@mciszczon), Benfica (@myfreebtc), Caen United (@mickvir), Naga Warriors (@surya1adiga), Home Team (@graythor), FC Ardeche (@soluce07), The Rebels (@liriadis), Fasolandia FC (@fasolo97), Bagu FC (@taitux), RB Leipzig (@fragmentarion) and Racing Club (@nerdboard)

League 2 Promotion

Arsenal F.C (@arsenal49), Ciderlover (@ciderjunkie), FK Okean (@okean123), FC Marvin (@marvinman), Dr3aM T3AM (@ninjacyber), LT United (@ecapita), arrixion (@arrixion), FC MALABATA (@ralph75), Storm Peak FC (@cmini), Moonshot FC (@gadrian), Seelow an der Ampel (@decuration), Islamabad United (@homecooking), AC Blu (@bluerobo) and horus (@horus)

Congratulations for all promoted team.

See you next season for more Play-Off programs.


Good luck for next season to everyone!

Congrats to all the teams who achieved promotion!