The Decentralized Presidential Campaign - Vote for Cryptoknight12 as dCity's 1st President

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The Decentralized Presidential Campaign

A Vote for Sim is a Vote for Cryptoknight12

The Decentralized Presidential Campaign officially begins and I am announcing my campaign to to run as dCity's 1st President under the promise to create a more rewarding presidency for only the supporters of the administration!

Presidential Campaign Pledge

My promise as your presidential nominee is that as your president I will issue 80% of the presidential salary back to only the voters of the decentralized presidential administration. Should this campaign for presidency be fortunate enough to earn your vote and win this election, each presidential win after would see an increase the president's salary payout to the presidential voting pool by 1% every term up to 92%. The remaining 8% of the presidential salary will then be set as a fee for managing the presidential voting pool.

The full details of the decentralized presidential model are outlined fully in this post but first, let's address some other important information you should be considering when you're making your voting decision in this election.

Why a Decentralized Presidential Campaign is so Important

I can't express this enough, but every single vote this campaign receives is going to matter because the presidential salary is going to be a huge prize for whales and/or collaborating groups and unless you part of this, than the decentralized presidential model is the only solution that doesn't present a direct threat to your passive HIVE/SIM income opportunity. The reason is simple, holding SIM increases the odds of your vote achieving the presidential outcome you desire. It's a catch 22 though because whoever becomes president first will earn so much sim so that for anyone who wishes to steal future elections, they would be required to add purchase significant SIM (if available) and/or dump a large volume of cards, and this is to just offset the presidential salary.

In other words, once president always president, and this is a very likely scenario players can speculate for whomever is lucky enough to with the bid in becoming dCity's first president.

My campaign is the most important promise back to DCity voters who have no gain from not being president themselves, it's the only chance your vote will earn you a piece of the presidential salary and depending on your voting power against the pool's total the % could be substantial! Your voting power will help give you some power in how taxes are decided and any new functionality Dcity provides to the presidency and it's constituents.

Flexible Presidential Model

Since this presidential model is 80% decentralized (with the planned intention to 92% long-term), the stakeholders in the presidential pool will have a more control than would in any other bid for president.

For example, we can elect cabinet members and roles for active members to support in managing the presidential pool. This can be the start of advanced dcity role playing and all sort of other fun dcity spin-offs in the planned expansions to come.

Transparency & Trust: Presidential Pool

Voting into this pool will require a certain amount of trust; however, I would encourage all prospecting voters to review my previous posts and consider the detail I am providing in the context of this post. This post will act as our standing whitepaper if you will during any presidential term we are to be in power. Managing the pool is something I am more than capable of running and would be updated each presidential term we are to win. All governance will start off under the model outlined here unless otherwise changed by the pool through a proposal for change and a majority vote.

There will be a published read-only spreadsheet that would be available to all for view/dispute/comments/etc. as means to provide full transparency to the stakeholders or "public ledger". Hive reputation is an obvious form of collateral so keep in mind that I have been an active Hive user for 3 years and currently hold about 10k HP. Plus, he blockchain and block explorer are all additional ways we will support in sustaining a fair decentralized model while our decentralized presidential administration is in office.

Additional Rewards to Voters

I believe this presidential campaign is extremely important so as a commitment towards succeeding in a decentralized presidential model, I will commit additional rewards directly in order to gain support in securing the presidency by offering additional incentive to voters to pledge their VP. Voters who are part of this pool will not only see value in the sim their voting power has the potential of earning them, but this campaign offers other value propositions that may present other various hive community engagements, such as in tribes like TeloKanda which I have recently become involved as an official curator.

All payouts detailed below will be initiated in discord by a direct DM to me cryptoknight12#8610 or find me in dCity's official discord.

Promotional Offers

  • 2,000 KANDA given to the first 10 voters who vote with a voting power of 2,000 or more
  • 5 Beer + 5,000 KANDA given to the first 3 voters who pledge 10,000 voting power or more

Post-Presidential Election Pay-Outs

If We Win

  • 3 Banks will be given to voter who pledged the most VP
  • All voters will have access to dCity dashboarding templates

If We Lose

  • 1 Bank will be given to the voter who pledged the most VP
  • All voters will have access to dCity dashboarding templates

Other non-quantitative value adds..

  • Outreach to other dCity players in the presidential voting pool
  • Direct connection with Kanda's newest whale to earn high Kanda curation rewards
  • Opportunity to enhance your Hive Reputation by becoming a popular member of the decentralized presidential pool; collaboration on content created in the hive ecosystem
  • Learn new analytical skills and have your city stats tracked
  • Participate in other exclusive dCity role-playing games
  • Max Curation Opportunities from Tipu's Voting Bot, since I am a top TipU Curator ($5 up-vote value)

Exclusive Access to Next Level dCity Dashboarding Templates

All pool participants will have a chance to plug their city data into dashboard templates I've developed as seen in my dCity dashboard. Presidential pool members and will be provided exclusive access to a useful tool to effectively track city stats and provide one the ability to monitor their city's performance resulting from various choices made in game.

Details of the Presidential Pool

Example of Voting Pool

The above table is an example to show how the pool would have the voting power of the registered participants allocate their 80% share of the presidential salary. In this example, we would have won the presidency with a total voting power of 124,783 sim and Klondyke would be entitled to recieve a daily sim payout of 8,014 sim based on the estimates.

The allocation used in this model will also be used to make other decisions within the pool, such as presidential cabinet structure, other elected seats, decisions on various taxes, etc. Plus, not to mention all the other ways we can leverage our group as we speculate the game to include in the planned upcoming expansions

It's Not to Late to Change Your Vote!

It's not to late to change your mind, while the announcement of my presidential campaign is a day late, you know have the opportunity to give your voting power real value that I have outlined thoroughly above. If there is anything that is unclear about my intent to dCity's President, please reach out to me directly.

My promises will be delivered but in the event we lose, there is still yet the deliverance of other incentives I am offering for your support in the decentralize presidential pool model.

I look forward to earning your vote and delivering on my campaign promises when I become the presidential elect!





Sorry @ecoinstant

I think I really like this guy's dashboard. Since " dCity dashboarding templates" are free , so it is win for me.

Voted for you @cryptoknight12

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He is indeed very good at it... =) I think he should blockainized!

Hahaha I'm actively trying to learn how to set it all up. I'm making some serious progress. I kind of realized I just need to get it all set up and once I learn the commands it should be really easy! You def helped pushed me to finally take action... plus I have a lot of free time now!

Go go go =)

Just an attempt at swaying the undecided!

Сryptoknight12 in our presidents! о/


Yeah... I had to repost a post like this...

Good luck and hopefully you grab on the presidency :)

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Cryptoknight12 For Dcity President 2020!! Goodluck to you and best regards bro.😀

I've changed my vote from @ecoinstant to @cryptoknight12, Good Luck!

Wow interesting. I can't change my vote since I'm rishi's economic advisor, but good luck with your campaign!

dpoll doesn't support keychain.

yeah ... :( I would love for them to add it too... would have more participation...

Because I like the beer stuff... here some cheers to that...


Hey @cryptoknight12, here is a little bit of BEER from @forykw for you. Enjoy it!

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