Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Walkthrough Part 6

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Hello Gamers, Welcome back to the blog and today another set of walkthrough is gonna be posted. Continue to read my blogs if you want watch my video's in my YouTube Channel Coolace Gaming. Like, Subscribe, and Comment to helo my channel.

This is quite long blog and I will provide you video for my YouTube channel. Watch the video if you wish. I hope I can help you and you can help me. Thank you Gamers. This is the continuation of the Walkthrough Part1 and Walkthrough Part 2 if you wish read this two first.

Spring, Day 29 (Mon)
Watch Cooking Life channel and learn a new lesson in cooking, and also ship your flowers at Herbal Garden channel. It is rainy day for me so no need to water mg plants. Ship Strawberries and Asparagus, Water your plants if sunny day, clean your field. Use the remaining PP leveling up your hammer. Head to the town to restore your PP. Go to the cave to get Plain Ore and Volcano Ore, ship them all for extra income. Wake up early.

Spring, Day 30 (Tue)
Ship all crops that re-grown, water your plants, clean your field, use the remaining PP leveling uo your hammer. Head to the town and restore PP. Go to Heartflame Caves smash all rocks and ship them. Your Hammer should be near max level. Use shine pod atleast twice. Finish before 21:00. Wake up early.

Spring, Day 31 (Wed)
Ship all crops that is ready to be shipped, water your plants, clean your field. Your Hammer should be maxed. Now your Hoe, Watering Can, and Hammer is maxed you don't have any problem you just need to get the upgraded tools on dungeons. Collect Volcano Ore and Plain Ore then ship it. Wake up early.

Spring, Day 32 (Thu)
Ship the Strawberries and Cucumber that re-grown, water your plants, cleaning your field every day to level up your axe and sickle because that's the only way to do so. Collect Fly Agaric if you wish. Go to town and Socialize to everyone. Collect and ship Volcano Ore and Plain Ore. Wake up early.

Spring, Day 33 (Fri)
Ship all crops that re-grown, water your plants, clean your farm. Go to Heartflame Cave to collect and Ship Volcano Ore and Plain Ore. Collect Fly Agaric if you wish. Wake up early.

Spring, Day 34 (Sat)
Ship the Strawberries and Asparagus that re-grown today, water your plants, clean your field to level up your axe and sickle. Go to Heartflame Cave to collect Ores. Wake up early, tomorrow is the last day of the season.

Spring, Day 35 (Sun)
Ship all crops that re-grown, water them if you wish. Head to Dr. Hope's Mansion for the Weekly Maintenance. You will receive a helper robot named Forte. Answer yes to Dr. Hope's question if you can keep Forte as the name of the robot. After heading back to your farm you are free the rest of the day. Wake up early tomorrow it will be a busy day.

End of Week 5.

Tools and Items Attainable:

Summer, Day 1 (Mon)
Max will be at your room when you wake up, he will tell you that the bridge is fixed and make a raft for you. Head up to your farm and set Forte to water crops, and Collect resources. You don't want to turn on the Collect Garbage because you still need to level up your sickle. Afterwards head to the town to make a large purchase. Pruchase Balloon Tent, Bas&Ket 20S, 2 Bas&Ket Carts, 100 of each Bas&Ket Rail. Also purchase 25 of each seed available. After that head to Heartflame Cave C and D, you will find 2 blue jewel, and 1 jewel in cave C, head south east you will find 1 yellow jewell in blue chest. Smash all the rocks in the cave. Head back to your farm and place the yellow jewel in the upper right corner because it doesn't have any boulder in it and it's more spacious. Don't plant any seeds because there will be a storm on 8th Day. Ship all ores themat you gather in the cave. Wake up early. tomorrow will be another busy day.

Summer, Day 2 (Tue)
Clean your field before going out of the Eastern Ruins. Go to Heartflame Cave E. You will find 1 blue jewel, smash all rocks and ship them after heading back. Take out the blue jewels and place it in top left of your field. Don't forget to watch Cooking Life channel.You are free to do what ever you want. Make sure to have enough time to wake up early. Tomorrow is another busy day.

Summer, Day 3 (Wed)
Continue to clean your field. Head to the entrance of the Eastern Ruins and you will find your buggy. If your buggy doesn't appeared walk in and out of the Eastern Ruins Entrance. The sandstorm at the end of the Cave E, because of the blue jewel broked the seal. Head out of that exit and continue across the Heartflame Desert. Then continue north across the Path from Heartflame Desert to Heartflame Plains and Mermaid Lake. Go into the Hermit's Hut and answer her question with yes to clear the Fallen Trees path. Then head down to the Heartflame Dunes and meet the Fisherman in his hut. He is the only way that you can fish in the game. Now head over the Heartflame Plains and begin fishing, it should only take a few minutes to hit MAX!
depending on your luck. Basically all you need to do is repetitively hit the triangle button, as the time the line sits in the water is not relative to your chance of catching a fish. You can collect gathered item in another time. Go to the Fallen Tree in Heartflame Cave F you will find the Master's Axe, Master's Hoe, and a Red jewel. Proceed into Cave G and you will obtain the Volcano Sickle, Blue Jewel, and Red Jewel. Afterward you can go into Heartflame Cave G to collect a Red Jewel. Continue into Heartflame Cave I to get Earth Power Sand. Now go into Heartflame Cave J and collect another

Earth Power Sand, a Yellow Jewel, and a Purple Jewel. Put away all items that you gathered. Go to Volcano Town to speak with Jonathan and you will receive the Cluck-o-Matic! which allows you to buy chicken on the World Ranch Channel. Go back to your farm and purchase 5 Chicken. Next go back into town and speak with Jonathan again to receive the Baabaa-matic! which allows you to purchase sheep on the World Ranch Channel. Once again return to your farm and this time buy 5 Sheep. Now go back to Volcano Town and speak with Jonathan again to get the Moo-o-Matic. I didn't make it in time to speak again to unlock the cow. Wake up early tomorrow.

Summer, Day 4 (Thu)
Watch Cooking Life if you didn't watch it yet. When you are cleaning your field don't forget to charge your Sickle so that you get 2 SP instead of 1 SP in a single weed. Care for your animals if you already purchase them. Convert all their good but one of the eggs and one of the milk so you can get both of them at your shipping list. Check the Shop-a-Million Vending Machine next to Franco's Home, purchase all seeds that you don't have. Remember do not plant any seed because of the guaranteed storm at 8th day. Afterwards go to Mermaid Lake to gather wild items rambutan, cacao, banana, pepino, and cocoa. If you manage to buy all Livestock yesterday go speak to Jonathan, he will tell you about wild horses and find out how to ride a horse. Now go to Heartflame Plains and speak to the Fisherman, he will teach you how to whistle to them. When you are finish head back to your farm and if you have time till the land of Blue Jewel field and Yellow Jewel field. Wake up early.

Summer, Day 5 (Fri)
Don't worry if you don't manage to finish all task. Here is the day you can catch up in everything. First if you don't manage to buy your livestock you should buy them. Care for them to increase their happiness. If you haven't tilled the land of Blue and Yellow Jewel field do it now. Don't forget to charge your Hoe. Go to town speak with Jonathan to find out how to ride a horse if you don't manage to do yesterday. If you don't manage to get all wild fruits try to get them today.

Summer, Day 6 (Sat)
Another day that you can catch up things that you miss. Continue cleaning your fields. Care for your animal, convert all their goods. Afterwards go to Mushroom Forest 2 and collect one of each of the following mushrooms: Purple Shimeji, Wood Ear, Enoki, Shimeji, and White Wood Ear. Finish before 21:00. wake up early tomorrow.

Summer, Day 7 (Sun)
Clean your field, another day to catch up on every single thing that you miss. Go to Dr. Hope's Lab/Mansion ro recieve your Weekly Maintenance. Answer "NO" to Marcia's question. You are free to do what ever you wish. Don't bother waking up early, their is a storm tomorrow.

End of Week 6.

Tools and Items Attainable
01) Balloon Tent
02) Bas&Ket 20S
03) Bas&Ket Cart (2x)
04) Bas&Ket Rail L (100x)
05) Bas&Ket Rail I (100x)
06) Easter Ore
07) Azure Stone
08) Blue Stone
09) Red Stone
10) Master's Are
11) Master's Hoe
12) Volcano Sickle
13) Earth Power Sand (2x)
14) Auto Unit
15) Bas&Ket Card L (3x)
16) Bas&Ket 40H
Jewels Attainable:
01) Blue Jewel (3x)
02) Yellow Jewel (3x)
03) Red Jewel (3x)
04) Purple Jewel

Video from YouTube:
(Part 7)

(Part 8)

That's all for today's blog Gamers
I hope you learn anything. Leave a comment if tou have questions.

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