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Back to my blog last time I told you about what is Harvest Moon Innocent Life, who published and who develop the game and the gameplay of the game. Now I will talk about characters in the game, tricks, list of the shippment that you need to complete, list of crops that you can plant, how many days for your plants to grow and be able to ship it.


Eastern Ruins:

Moonlight 1.png
He is like a gangster type, long faced sleepyhead artist you can see his artworks all around Eastern ruins. You will mostly see him sleeping in his house.

Franco 1.jpg

He is a white bearded old man living in Eastern ruins, he is a resident of Eastern ruins for a long time. He will help you in the beginning of the game and he will give you advice. He is the Ex-Husband of principal Rose.


The Alien:
He is an alien from the TV show Final Z Rangers, you will see him if you continue watching the show every week.

Life_Grain 1.png
This is the character that you will be controling in the game. your are an Innocent Life" created by Dr. Hope. He made you pure so you can learn how to be a human. You are the one who will save the whole island where you will be living in the game.

Volcano Town

Dr. Hope's mansion/ Lab:

Dr_Grain 1.png
Dr. Hope:
He is the scientist in the town who creater you, and is your father, he is living alone with his maid vita. He will be performing weekly maintenance to you.

Vita 1.jpg

She is the maid of Dr. Hope. She will do all the cooking, housework of the mansion.

Gayak and Marlene's Home:

Dr_Gayak 1.png
He is the old man who will teach you how to farm early in the game. He lives with his wife marlene, his grandchild marcia and their dog Chocola.

Marlene 1.png
She is the kind old woman who make all the seed bags in the Town. She is the wife of gayak and grandmother of marcia.


Million 1.png
He runs the Shop-a-Million with his assistant Lenny. He is devoted to his shop, he want to learn more about what items he sells. He is kind owner that he is willing to give seeds to you early in the game.

Masami 1.jpg
She is the woman who runs the bar/resturant in town. she lives with his husband Gallion and her son Million in back of the Shop-a-Million. She also teaches haiku and flower arrangement every sunday in his bar/resturant.

Gallion 1.jpg
He lives at the back of Shop-a-million with his wife Masami and his son Million. He does not work much in store. he takes a normal citizen who hang around the Town Hall.

Branch Family Farm:

He is the father of the Branch Family, he lives with his wife Vanessa and their kids. He runs the automated farm beside his home, but he seems to care mostly in his livestock.

She is the Mother of Branch Family, she married Jonathan, and lives with their kids. She teaches advance art in Volcano School.You will see her mostly in the school.

He is one of the kid in Branch Family, he attends the Volcano School. He study art

He is the one of the kid in Branch Family, he also attends the Volcano School. He study Physical Education.


She is one of the kid in Branch Family, she also attends the Volcano School. She seem to take her father as you will see her running with one of the Branch Family's horses.

Town Hall / Mayor's Home:

The Mayor "Chuck":
He is the mayor of the Volcano Town. He is married to Dorothy, and lives with her and their kids. He doesn't really know what he is doing in his work. He is oppose to Dr. Hope's work.

She is the wife of the Mayor, and lives with him and her kids. She runs the cooking channel in TV, you can learn cooking from her every week. She also teaches advance cooking in person at her home.

He is the son of the Mayor and Dorothy. He is the one who keeps recording on what is going on in the Volcano town for his father. He knows thing about Life's citizen registration occurs.
She is the daughter of the Mayor and Dorothy. She is a shy character. She does all the cooking at her home, despite her mother being the culinary expert in the town.

Volcano Town School Building

Principal Rose:
She is the principal at Volcano Town School. She lives at school along with other teachers. She is the ex-wife of Franco.

She is one of the teachers in the Volcano Town School. She also lives in the school along with the other teachers. She teaches arts here. She is the ex-girlfriend of the fisherman.

He is one of the teachers in Volcano Town School. He also lives in the school.

Max 1.jpg
He is a very tall teacher who teaches Physical Education at Volcano town School. He is married to Nana, and lives together in the cottage in southwestern side of the school.

She is a kind woman who teaches music on Sunday's at school. She works at Masami's resturant. She is the wife of Max.

MBC Electronic Building

He is a fat glass guys who married Lucia, and lives with her and their kids at the skyscraper in the town. He believe in automation.

She is a helpful woman who help her husband Marco. She also believes in automation.


The daughter of Marco and Lucia. She is the first person you will meet and becomes your best friend. She is the grandchild of Gayak and Marlene.

He is a mean fat guy but a helpful son who helps his father with his inventions and boast as if they are his own. You often found him watching in the game TV shows.

Lighhouse/Neo's Science Lab:

He is the long faced weather man who tells weather reports in weather channel. He is always correct in his weather predictions. I advice to watch him everday.

Liberta Winery:

He is a mean guy who works at Shop-a-Million. He is Emma's brother who lives in the winery.

She is Lenny's brother who lives and work at the winery.
He is the one who runs the Liberta winery. He live at the back of the winery.
He is a very skilled person in town in terms of wines and everything that is related to it. He also lives at the winery.

Heartflame Island:

She lives in the island for over hundred (100) years. She will help you by opening new areas that you can access after you talk to her.

He is Sharon's ex-boyfriend who lives in heartflame dunes. He is the only way you can learn fishing, in this game you cannot get a fishing rod. He also teaches you how to ride horses by whisetling.

The Mermaid:
She will open the Mist Forest after you recover the Forest Crest. She is in the South of Mermaid lake.

Nature Sprite of Knowledge:
He is one of the three (3) Nature Sprites. Can be found in Giant Forest A.

Nature Sprite of Friendship:
He is one of the three (3) Nature Sprites. Can be found in Giant Forest A

Nature Sprite of Memory:
He is one of the three (3) Nature Sprites. He is missing as a result of his sad memories.

Forest Spirit:
A giant tree in the Giant Forest, the true form of the Nature Sprites.

Water Spirit:
She is the true form of the Hemit, a mist like spirit. She will help you with the anger of the Fire Spirit.

Fire Spirit:
He is the angry spirit who threatens to destoy the entire island with its rage.

Ps: I cannot get any photo of the last five (5) characters.

My last game was a bad ending, the island is destroyed by the fire spirit, so I played it again to get the different endings of the game.
That's all for today's blog about characters of Harvest Moon Innocent Life.
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