DataViz of SIM Price for dCity

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I'm back with an overdue post using DataViz! It's been pretty hectic and I've been enjoying being outside more among other things so I haven't had any time to dedicate to some Viz but today I set aside time just for that!

First post here in the Hive Gaming community, look forward to releasing some more content for it in the future!


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This was a pretty cool Viz request by @rmsadkri (sorry man, little late on that one :D) but I think others like @invest4free and some people will find it interesting! I think we've all made great choices in investing in the dCity game. It certainly seems like it after I put together this interesting Viz. Let me know what you think after taking a look at the snapshots of price!

If you aren’t sure what dCity is check them out at it’s a really fun game!

Throughout putting together the visualizations, the thing that stuck out to me the most is there is pretty strong buy pressure, much stronger than the sell pressure! The buy walls are a lot deeper than the sell walls, which signifies a pretty good economy in my opinion! There is a lot of interest in buying the game tokens so it can only improve from here, I think! Each of the Viz sections are below the text, in case you're wondering. I describe the Viz then have the picture right below it, just a way I like to do it. Describe it first then show you what I mean!

This one is a little basic but it shows some decent comparisons. The two biggest sections are the buy sections, which is great! The October 22nd data I just pulled is a lot stronger than the previous ones but that's good! Means there is more interest in the token now than there was a month ago, the positive fluctuation as a game ages.


This was a cool one here, shows it a bit more dramatically the difference between buying and selling the token.


I think this one here is my favorite of them all. It's the same concept as the one above but it's displayed in a more dramatic fashion, I think! We see that there are a hell of a lot of buy orders all over the place for pretty significant tokens. I don't know if that's the game creators keeping the price at a decent level or if it's someone who just wants a lot of SIM tokens but I think it's great! The sell shapes are mostly clumped together but the buy shapes are all over the map, with varying amounts of buy orders.


This one here wasn't as dramatic but I still liked it, we can see that the prices of the buy and sell orders haven't fluctuated much but the quantity of them has! That means the prices are pretty stable at least across the month span of time between when I saved the two price dates.


Again seen here is the stronger buy walls instead of strong sell walls. The October 22nd sell wall is markedly higher than the September one but the buy wall is still higher than the sell, which is good.



I think this is a great time to invest in the token and in the game in general. I invested in it I think two months ago but it's been a solid choice for my little gaming portfolio here on Hive. It's not only a strong token, as I was able to really get a grasp on here, but it's also got some pretty good tokenomics to it! We can only wonder what will happen when the 1st edition runs out of print and a 3rd edition of cards is released. I will definitely plan on doing another edition of this Viz at that point, to see where the price fluctuates to!

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Is it a webpage? xD

Yeah! It is if you want to check it out! It's a really fun game but it isn't one that is incredibly action packed like Splinterlands. You set up your city and you could check it once a day or once a week if you'd like. It's a lot of fun!

Am I wrong that I thought I saw you had an account already? I could be making that up lol

I meant the dataViz thingy :p Sorry for not being clear on that :D

I do have an account hehe :D

Yeah, I saw you have an account lol I'm creeping up to you in the rankings! hehe

DataViz is just a bit of a nerd term for Data Visualization. There are some websites to do it through there, I think but for this I use the software Tableau, which is one of the leading companies for preparing this type of info.

Excel is another good one but not as easy in some ways. There are some other ones of course but these are the big players.

I do it some parts through work so I gained some skill but I do it more for this for now, still keeping up and expanding my skills to hopefully do it more in the future!

Haha, well come and catch me ;) I am not spending a whole lot of Hive into the game. I am just saving up the Sim and buying cards.
I am still a noob, I have no idea what cards to get next and such xD So you should be able to catch up :P

Ohh, Interesting :D

I’ll have to look at these images on a bigger screen, but what I can make of it looks really good for the sim token and dcity.

Thanks for the mention and the 3rd generation cards will spice things up quite a bit. @gerber is releasing small tiny fragments of information.

For instance forests and schools are going to have additional functions. I forgot what they are, but it will all be in a post before the release.

Yeah the images aren't the best quality unless you're on a computer, sorry about that! I will have to factor that in for my next post.

I'm looking forward to the next generation! I'm also sad that the 1st generation is near the end of printing. Is there any type of tracker for that? I'll have to follow Gerber there and see.

Ah no worries. You explained everything really well.

Gerber has promised that he will release info first before launching the 3rd generation and stopping the 1st generation. He knows the people playing are investors that need quality info for their investment allocation

Amazing post and thanks for the mention. I have been busy with the kid whole week and catching up on the posts from last two days. I am really into dCity these days and reading as many posts as I can.

In the second diagram, does it mean the activity (buying SIM) is on the up in October? I am selling all my SIM for Hive but I wonder if I should keep stacking SIM. With the HIVE price going down I am not sure how to manage these tokens.