To the Promised Land - Vayne will take me there with mastery 7! - 6 out of 10 ranked placements!

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Mastery Level 7 on Vayne


Staying hardstuck silver has its own benefits. Tiny queue times, a very small champion pool size which makes it fun to play, neverending adventures with the most random builds, playstyles, and moods. It feels like home. It can get a bit frustrating, but staying stuck in the same rank for 5 years makes it so much more bearable.

But first, let's begin with a celebration. I finally got my mastery level 7 on Vayne. Man, was it difficult. She is a short-ranged marksfellow with a tiny dash and a lot of ways to be outplayed. In the earlier levels, it is very difficult to position and farm safely because of the short range.

However, with just 2-3 items, and playing safe, she can turn into an absolute monster on the rift. Her W, along with the new item Kraken Slayer does tons of true damage and goes through tanks like a hot knife through butter. The only downside is that you have to get close to the enemies due to her small range which makes her an easy kill.



This was the game that got me my well-deserved mastery level 7 on Vayne. An exceptional game and deserving of the S rank performance. My end-game score was 18/3/7 and my support was a very skilled Tahm Kench against a Vayne and Rell.

Laning phase for both marksman was equal. Our supports are melee and cannot pressure as much, nor push or pull the lane. This made farming a little easier than usual. However, Rell's engage is unmatched in the game. She can jump on me, stun me, knock me up and set up an easy kill for the enemy Vayne.

But, in the game, we realized Tahm Kench was a good counter to Rell. As soon as Rell jumped on me, TK would swallow me up and I could reposition to now set up a kill on the badly positioned Rell, which was usually under the tower because I was playing very safely. As you can see, Rell ended the game with a 2/9 score and the enemy Vayne with a 3/9 score.


And that was that. With just Kraken Slayer and my boots, I began running a rampage on the map. Buying BORTK and PD just added gas to the burning fire. With a healthy lead in the botlane, our control on the objectives was not contested and the game was done the moment the enemy team realized they couldn't touch me.

So, with proper positioning, kiting safely, and the right item builds to claim as many kills as possible while keeping all the objectives under control, I have now got my beautiful Level 7 Mastery Badge. Doesn't it look gorgeous?


Almost out of bronze

I am almost done with the ranked promos and should get placed in lower silver if I play at this rate. I am still focusing on Jhin and Kaisa to play in the botlane. Vayne will be a good option for longer games but she is a risky pick. She can get doomed very easily.


At the moment I have 4 wins and 2 losses. I sent a report to Riot games to turn my losses into wins or draws since I got trolled in those games. Let's see if they heed. Nevertheless, I got promoted to bronze 1 and I have 4 more games to go. If I win all the 4 games then I should automatically get promoted to Silver 5 with a small chance to get a "leap" rank.

A leap rank is basically jumping a division due to regular wins with good performance. For example instead of going from Gold 5 to Gold 4, you can get promoted to Gold 3 directly from 5. It happens when you win consistently with a good performance. For that reason, I want to win the 4 upcoming ranked matches with a good score to get a free leap.


The 6th game was a lucky coin flip. I picked Jhin into Jinx and Nautilus, with a painful Twitch support on my side. The problem with a Twitch support is that they usually spend more time roaming around the map to pick kills rather than "support" the botlane. It is even worse when you are an immobile Jhin against a hard "crown control" Nautilus with a hook, slow and stun. It is even worse when you are against a jinx. She can easily push the lane and destroy towers to open up the map.


The reason I say this game was a lucky coin flip is because the Twitch decided he would roam botlane as much as he could and we pressure the Jinx and Nautilus to the point that they were irrelevant and couldn't pressure the map. The Nautilus consistently failed to CC me, and with the help of Twitch's roams we could open up bot.

Meanwhile, top lane was a total train wreck for the enemy team. Our Irelia completely destroyed the enemy Urgot in 1v1 fights. Our jungler, Rengar, got a good chunk of damage through consistent ganks. In a nutshell, with a useless bot, a losing top and a huge Jungle differential, the enemy team was already done. They surrendered at minute 15.



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Vayne is my favorite character, personally I think he is the strongest character in LoL. Time to spam the mastery after winning a Teamfight.

I can't wait to spam it! Oh I can only imagine how tilting it would be.