Fallout 76 - Let's give it a shot.

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While i am writing this post 70GB of Follout 76 is downloading in the background. An iconic IP that brings back nostalgic memories of times while being a student, waiting a whole night for game to download via modem in a dorm, first cut scene six o'clock in the morning and certainly no lectures for a few consecutive days, well ok, few weeks tbh.


A title surrounded with so much love, hate and controversy, Fallout 76 has been out for a few years already and i have decided to give it a try since majority of my reconstruction is over, summer has ended and PS5 is not out yet.

I will be sharing my unbiased opinion as a casual gamer, and sharing some game related content if the game is not complete crap even at this stage. There is a lot of quality content on other platforms regarding this title so i will not be competing with other content creators.

But if anyone on Hive is playing this game, let me know in the comments below. Maybe we can do a few missions together. Fallout 76 is supposed to be an online experience after all :)

See you in the wasteland!



I'm not playing it at the moment but intend to finally give it a try in upcoming months. 🙂 Hope you like it!!

Just started it now, pretty cool though a bit confusing yet till i get used to all controls :)

first fallout that i skipped. seen some mixed reviews.

Same here, but two years into the game.... i've spent three hours or so exploring, i should say i got sucked into it, a bit confusing at first, but really gives that sense of survival :)

not sure how exactly mechanics works, you should meet other online players? are they playing a bigger role in your journey? will it age well if only small amount of players are playing it?

So far i have reached lvl15 while familiarizing with UI and mechanics. Have been in a few groups of high lvl players for daily tasks so they just kill everything, not that much communication yet, though would probably be fun with a friend on a voice chat. Game feels somewhat disconnected so far at the same time exploration is engaging. But i can't get rid of a feeling that something is off... does not suck you right into it. And bugs, there are still quite a few.

While on a mission yesterday had to kick automaton with a hammer as it was stuck in a doorway for 5 minutes, i do not know if it helped but eventually path finding started to work again and we completed the mission :) The game engine is definitely outdated... especially when compared with other AAA game titles, but that nostalgia... it might as well be the last fallout game that i play so... gave them my 40 bucks, will update on the status later...:)

Would i recommend it? Not sure, unless that way i would have a buddy from Hive to play together and see how it goes. Is it worth 40 Bucks? No, 19 maybe, for the nostalgia :)

i don't really mind not that great graphics if the game is good.

i will probably wait for that discount :D