Fallout 76 - Crazy crafting.

in Hive Gaming9 months ago

Few evenings into the game and i am starting to get the ropes. At first controls were somewhat confusing, especially for the crafting part, but now my brain is starting to get the logic.

For some reason i have built my basic base in a middle of nowhere. Weird place, infested with rad scorpions, but a few turrets get the job done most of the time, just need occasional repairs from time to time. Later on i will find some nice vista on top of the hill and relocate there. People take time to build crazy structures. Too much free time on hands apparently, but i can not deny their architectural skills :)


For now my character is looking like a real scavenger and i am still wearing that sweaty Vault 76 suit with some occasional armor slapped on. One sad thing about Fallout 76 is that you run out of bullets so fast and they are hard to come by that is why i have to swing that heavy hammer. Not my play style, but let's see if situation will get better as game progresses.

But the real reason why i have decided to put up this post is the helmet I've just crafted. I was looking for military grade circuit board, one of the pieces needed for the item from a blueprint and came over it. Crafted the helmet, just to see that it provides no useful stats and was somewhat disappointed until i left crafting menu after equipping the helmet and OH BOY did i laugh my ass off!

The helmet looks like a discarded old satellite that did drop from the orbit. I barely managed to fit all those antennas into the frame. How do you like this ridiculous piece of outfit? :)



If anyone else is playing this game on Hive, let me know in the comments below. Maybe we can do a few missions together. Fallout 76 is supposed to be an online experience after all :)

See you in the wasteland!