Returning back to RogueTech (aka. Bengy's Blobs: AAR #1)

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So, I've headed back into the 3050 killing fields of the BattleTech universe now that the RogueTech hyper-overhaul-mod has gone past the 1.0 release. Sadly, my original game where I had scratched and scrounged a half decent merc company was no longer save-game compatible with the full release. However, on a quick inspection of the change-logs... I'm not too disappointed! The overhaul has had SOOOOOOOO many added features... vehicle pilots, mechwarrior/mech affinity and countless millions of other tweaks and sledgehammer rebuilds! I'm in NERD HEAVEN!

So, say "Hello" to the newest and definitely LEAST FEARED merc company to grace the Inner Sphere. BENGY'S BLOBS... there will be a day when we are at least respected enough that our foes don't wet themselves laughing!


Bengy's Blobs spawned on the famed Mercenary Outpost of Outreach, home to the famed Wolf's Dragoons and the Kell Hounds. Accepting contracts on this planet would probably result in instant vaporisation for our plucky nobodies....


... so, we hastily set course to a close but highly safe planet of Capolla. Hopefully, with a ComStar presence and decent manufacturing capacity, there will be some sweet loot to pick up in battles. This will enable us to grow... albeit very slowly and carefully!



Most of my Mechs are nothing to write home about. Light runners that serve better as cannon fodder rather than actual combat Mechs. However, this Griffin is the pride of my comapany. Weighing in at a nice 55 tons, it is the workhorse of the company at the moment.

It is more of a standoff Mech, kitted out with mostly long range weaponry in the form of LRMs and a PPC. However, as I scrounge more equipment I might be able upgrade some of the stand-off capability to hit harder. It is unlikely to ever change out of this long-range support role though...



The only other interesting Mech in my current line up is this pirate-bastardised Brigand. It is a bit of a hack job and is quite light at 25 tons... however, it features some pretty advanced Tech and packs a wallop for such a little guy.

This will be a great flanker, as those lasers will chew through the back armour of Mechs twice it's weight class.


So, our first battle was to take out this enemy lance. I have noticed that the performance of the mod is really quite improved... with turns taking much less time, making for an overall vastly improved game experience!

This battle proved to be a slaughter, as the local allied government forces and my company were able to catch the enemy on the hop. They didn't stand a chance and went down fast...


... however, a subsequent mission went quite badly. I lost my second heaviest Mech to a hard PPC hit which tore straight through the side Torso, ripping the guts out of the XL engine installed there. Unfortunately, we had no replacement parts for such advanced Tech and the decision was made to scrap the Mech completely as it would be impossible to purchase the Tech with our highly constrained budget.

Such is the way of RogueTech... you take the bad, and roll with it. This will be a setback, but one that we can hopefully grow from. The makings of the legendary Bengy's Blobs will be a story for the ages!

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