Diamond 2 Unlocked

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After months of accumulating cards from daily quest, I finally pushed my self up to 325K collection power and qualifying for Diamond 2 battles.

Being able to get into that per of town is nice but actually getting in will be quite the task. Since the collection power addition, battles became a lot more difficult.

In the past season, I think I crossed the diamond 2 ranking but it was a lucky shot. In this season, I've made it to Diamond 3 and most times, I flounder between here and Gold 1 until the end of the season.

My graduation gives me extra motivation to fight a lot more battles and get ahead in the game. Fingers crossed.


I am just still maxed out at the GOLD League Level. I do my daily quests and am hoping to get lucky and get a really cool card.

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Good luck man. The best gifts come from those untamed packs.


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