A Battle Worth Sharing in Splinterlands: The Stubborn Cornealus.

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Welcome back to my blog where I'll talk about a splinterlands battle that's worth sharing.


In this post... I'm going to show an amazing battle where I used Cornealus with the famous summoner Yodin Zaku. Even though I lost the battle, I thought this battle is worth sharing because of how stubborn the Cornealus of my team was and it did a lot to be alive.

About the ruleset: Equalizer and Up Close & Personal

Super Sneak: All melee attack monsters have the sneak ability.

This means that every melee attack monsters in both teams will have the "Sneak" ability for this special ruleset. And the "Sneak" ability allows monsters to attack the last positioned monster of the opponent team.

A Brief Info About The Match

The battles mana cap was 29 with the "Super Sneak" Rule where I used fire splinter with Yodin Zaku summoner for the match and my opponent used life splinter against me.

For a better experience, you may watch the battle direct from the splinterlands official website from the link below.

Link to the battle.

My Lineup.

I was looking for a battle for the weekly battle challenge entry and I wished to use the dragon splinter with the theme card and other helpful cards but either the dragon splinter or the water splinter was hidden at that time so I chose to play with Yodin Zaku. I'm still so noob in selecting monsters it seems as I've selected those high mana monsters when the mana cap was not so high. As Yodin Zaku offers additional attack power to the ranged monster so I used Cornealus as it already had big health with the "Heal" ability.


I had my Cerberus in level 2, Fineas Rage in level 2, Creeping Ooze in level 3, Cornealus in level 1 & Furious Chicken in level 2.

And my opponent used his/her cards as Silvershield Paladin in level 2, Divine Healer in level 3, Feral Spirit in level 1, Centaur in level 1, Peacebringer in level 2 & Air Elemental in level 2.

Let me talk about cards that I used in this battle.

Summoner: YODIN ZAKU (LEGENDARY Fire Summoner) - as summoner.

This is the legendary summoner that I wished to get so much from the airdrop and I even invested in some booster packs to get my hands on this fantastic summoner.

I remember publishing around 2-3 posts about me investing for this summoner and I also talked about the feedback about what went wrong and I even thought that I got one from the airdrop and then I understood that I better leave watching that dream of getting a Yodin Zaku from the airdrop.

2-3 days before, I was shopping... in the splinterlands market.
And then my eyes stalked on this card and as DEC price was kinda high and I had to spend a lot less DEC than normal times so I took this chance and added a Yodin Zaku in my collection.

This summoner is a perfect one to make opponents run away.
Yodin Zaku offers +1 ranged attack, +1 health, and the "blast" ability to all friendly monsters.
Yodin Zaku needs 7 mana for battle.

Go on check out this card from Splinterlands Market if you wish to.

No 01: CERBERUS (RARE Fire Monster)

Cerberus is one of my favorite monster of fire splinter.

This three-headed beast is so powerful on the battlefield.

I used my Cerberus is in level 2 with 2 melee attack, 3 speed & 6 health with "Heal" ability, and it needs 4 mana.

Go on check out this card from Splinterlands Market if you wish to.

No 02: FINEAS RAGE (RARE Fire Monster)

I used to like Giant Orc for "reach" ability till I've found out Fineas Rage.
When you find a high mana clip battle and you decide to play with the fire splinter, Fineas Rage should be in the second position without further ado.

I used my Fineas Rage is in level 2 with 2 melee attacks, 5 speed & 9 health with "Reach" ability and, It needs 7 mana.

Go on check out this card from Splinterlands Market if you wish to.

No 03: CREEPING OOZE (COMMON Neutral Monster)

The one mana neutral monster that's been taking a place almost in every player's heart, I guess.

It has the ability "Slow" which decreases the speed of every monster of the opponent team.

I used my Creeping Ooze in level 3 with 2 speed & 2 health with "Slow" ability and it needs 1 mana for battle.

Go on check out this card from Splinterlands Market if you wish to.

No 04: CORNEALUS Legendary Neutral Monster)

To be honest, I bought this monster only to use alongside Yodin Zaku as it already has big health and big attack power, and the given "Blast" ability from Yodin Zaku really makes it a fantastic monster to do battle with, I guess.

My Cornealus is in level 1 with 2 melee attack, 3 speed & 12 health with "Heal" ability.
It needs 10 mana to play.

Go on check out this card from Splinterlands Market if you wish to.

No 04: Furious Chicken (Rare Neutral Monster)

This is the card that I use when there's a slot left but no mana left. I mean it's service is great for free I suppose. Right now... I can't imagine playing a match without this card.
It's like the chicken that lays the golden egg. It provides great support with its counter attack. With 0 mana... it's just amazing.

My Furious Chicken is in level 2 with 1 speed, 1 health and It needs 0 mana to play.

Go on check out this card from Splinterlands Market if you wish to.

On the battlefield.


For the special ability of my summoner Yodin Zaku, all monsters of my team got +1 health and the blast ability, and also ranged attack monsters got +1ranged attack. And for the special ability of my Creeping Ooze, all the opponent's monsters lost 1 speed each. And for the special ability of the opponent's summoner, all the monsters of the opponent team got a +1 shield. The formation of the opponent team seemed fantastic but I was not scared as I had some fantastic monsters in the team as well.


The blast ability from my summoner was really doing fantastic and I enjoyed it especially when two monsters of the opponent died at the same time and the blast deserves the credit for it.


At this moment, I knew that I was gonna lose the battle for sure but still I was watching the battle to see if something goes sideways.


From round 5 to 14, the Cornealus kept healing and healing. It was just too stubborn in trying to be alive. 5 ranged attacks of the opponent monsters kept attacking my Cornealus and I think the Cornealus died after it got around 20 shots of 5 ranged attacks. And this post is for this part, actually as I wished to show the stubbornness of Cornealus.

What a great monster!.

The battle got finished at the end of round 14 while my opponent team still had 3 monsters alive. I think this battle is definitely worth sharing.

It was indeed a fantastic battle that my Cornealus alone fought after its mates died.

Battle Results


By playing this match, I won +0.409 Dec and lost 19 League Rating.

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** The End **

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