Which Web 3.0 Game Next?

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The splinterlands game has been quite the golden goose ever since I got involved in it. Although I'm still not quite where I'd want to be in terms of collection, I want to start slowly getting involved in another web 3.0 game with which fortune willing, I'll successfully diversify my streams once more. I want to tempt my luck with another game.

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And on the Hive chain we have several games, namely Exode, Holybread, Dcity, Splinterlands of course and surely more I don't know about, but would love to make an educated decision.

Seeing I'm rarely liquid, I can only choose one for now. So, if I could choose only one game to invest in, which one would you recommend?

Better yet, if you have played any or all of our games, I'd appreciate it even more if you informed me on the following;

  • In your opinion which game has the most interesting and addictive gameplay?

  • Which game so far looks like it has a more promising future and has a better team behind it.

  • Which project has seen the most development since it's inception.

  • The reward model(s) of the game(s).

  • How much initial capital would I have to invest in and on average which one will need the least continuous investment in order to get the furthest.

  • And oh yes, which has the most hype behind it. 😂

I'm sure there are other factors I'm not considering here ,of which I'd also love to be made aware, drama too if there's any.

Depending on the answers I get in a few days I'll make my decision. If you have any other game from the chain in mind, also feel free to let me know.



EXODE is awesome!!! I could go into a lot of reasons why -- but it's best to check out the wiki at

I'm also still running my Special Offer: Double your money back if you try eXode and don't like it.
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Since it has a feemium economic model it does not require any investment to play.

Oh nice! Will be giving it a go soon