Legendary Trade-Offs, and Level 3 Selenia Test Drive

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Boom! Now that's how you start a week in style! To be honest, for 1 or 2 hours I was shaken by this advent.

Knowing how it usually goes, I wasn't really crossing my fingers when opening my loot chests. Oh no no no no no, I better than that(Most times.) So when one of my chests started shaking I was curious but not particularly excited. Then it was revealed.

Legendary Trade-Offs:

Oh nice, my third Kraken, It will gain the demoralizing ability once I combine it with my other 2. Really nice. Then it turned Gold!


Of course I took a minute or two to admire the beauty that the card is!

If y'all remember last week I posted an article wondering whether or not I should scrap my plans of purchasing a level 3 Selenia in favor of the incoming cubes. Well, the decision has been made, level 3 beta Selenia now comfortably chilling in my headquarters, thanks to the sale of the Golden Kraken.

I kid you not, in less than 10 minutes after I put it on sale it was sold. I was like, naah! This can't be real, I must have burned it by accident though I clearly remembered setting the price at 35$ and then pulling that sell trigger. But just to double check I went on my hiveblocks and it clearly showed that I had listed it for sale. Crazy!

Anywho, still on that Selenia note, I gotta give a quick shout-out to @niallon11 for suggesting me to buy the beta version. For you see, most of my cards from the first 2 editions are Alphas as I've sold or burnt most of my Betas, so I tend to forget they even exist since they're not so prevalent in my collection. lol

So initially I was intending to buy the Alpha version which by my calculations would have cost me my level 2 Alpha Selenia, a bunch of LEOs and a bunch of SPI tokens seeing I'm not particularly liquid when it comes to the Hive token. Ouch! Then niallon11 reminded/suggested I get the Beta version at a massive discount when compared to my initial plans. So yeah, cheers mate!

And I wasn't done. To thank the mighty seas for bestowing upon me the Golden Krakken, I went and bought 3 more regular foil Krakens for a combination that led me to this;


And I know lightning doesn't strike the same place twice but , I still indulged in 2 mystery potions. 😎 Now let's wait and see what will come out of this move.

Selenia's Test Drive Flight:

Test 1:

Test #; more of a close call.:

I did do more test drives. Plenty more actually, and all I gotta say is, worth it!

Meanwhile my Level 2 Alpha Selenia is still on the market at 48$44$. Feel free to go grab it, first come first served style.

And oh, I'm currently in Champion II and most likely on my way to Champion I. See y'all on the other side of this season's dividends!

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booooom now that is a round of luck you got right there!

I reached champion 3 for the first time this week and damn the rewards are sweet from those quests I must say.! Worth it playing and also accumulating good DEC with that!

Yeah when you get lucky you get really lucky here.

Also congrats on reaching champion 3,before you know it you'll be in Champion I.

And yes, nothing like stacking those sweet crystals!