Bad Splinterlands Days. My Worst, What's Yours?

in Hive Gaming6 months ago

Ok just like with real life we all sometimes have bad splinterlands days. For some it could mean a bad looting day. For others, getting stuck on a quest using a splinter at which you're not so good at and/or 1 that isn't leveled up enough, it be anything. You tell me.

For me personally, it's when I get those extensive losing streaks. The frustration usually starts after the fourth loss, past 6 losses I'm usually sensible enough to call it quits for a few hours, but I'm only human, every once in a while I'll succumb to pride and just keep going.

Which is certainly how I got my personal best worst, 19 losses in a row. I don't remember exactly when it happened but I know at some point last week I got to up 12 consecutive losses and I was livid. I can only imagine how pissed off I must have been on that day.

Which is why it's important to have a coping mechanism when it gets really bad.

A fews months ago I probably would have done a couple of sets of squats in such a scenario, but seeing I haven't really been exercising since the lockdown, I usually settle for a good cigarette, sometimes an imaginary phone throw(God let it never actually happen.), or compose a rant I likely won't post.

I need better coping mechanisms.

Fortunately today wasn't one of those days. Actually, it was a good one as not only did I finish my quest fairly fast, but I also pulled a common goldie and a legendary; Spirit Druid Grog.


Plus to be honest I seriously doubt I'd have the heart to write about this topic if such a humiliating streak was still fresh in mind.😔

So what's your definition of a bad spl day, and how bad do they usually get? How do you cope with them, and if you're brave enough, what's your longest losing streak to date?

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