Upgraded My Truck To A Spaceship : Elite Dangerous

in hive-140217 •  2 months ago  (edited)

I've not streamed Elite Dangerous before and I suspect it will not be so pretty for any viewers.


Wondering if my Mic is working, although I'll probably not say too much :)

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That's more like it!!! Fly, fly like the wind!!

One way to throw a Saturday away :D

I'm about to venture outside, into the land of lockdown! Only going to the local woods though.

How was the webcam sex? :0D

You watch, the woods will be teeming with people - maybe you will find...


How was the webcam sex? :0D

Top banana fish! The app works reasonably well and it was good to catch-up with the lads. Cheers!

Hehe, beware the banana fish! I am going it's just trees and mud and exercise for the house bound inmates!! Lol

Excellent, I am gonna video call my brother, I bet it freaks him out

It will do them good!

I am gonna video call my brother, I bet it freaks him out

Depends what he sees when the call connects! :O

My penis wearing a Groucho moustache and glasses :0D

Yep that would do it! :D