Top 10 Saddest Moments In Life Is Strange 2


Get your Kleenex ready. Today I will count down the top 10 saddest moments in Life Is Strange 2
This entire game is sad but I threw in 10 moments I found sad. This footage was taken from my
let's play what I am doing on the channel. This entire game is sad. The video would be 2 hours long. So I decided to pick 10 moments that stood out to me.
What moment was sad to you, even if its not listed?

0:00 Intro
0:10 intro text
0:10 Esteban's Death
2:27 Daniel learns the truth
5:00 Sean tells Brody what happened
5:54: Sean gets bullied by Ra*ists
9:45 Sean fighting for Daniel at the church
11:50 S&D have to run again
15:42 Mushroom's death
18:31 Finn and Sean's scene at the hospital
19:33 S&D at the board/Sean surrenders
24:20 Lone Wolf Ending