Sidechain Explorer - 0.0.5 - NFT Update

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Hive Engine Sidechain Explorer:

The sidechain explorer has been running stable, but I didn't announce it until now, mainly because I wanted to ensure new contracts could be properly indexed. The main feature in this release is the ability to interpret NFT contracts.

Other features/fixes added:

As always, you can launch your own tender instance with docker (recommend: run your own local hived to improve performance):

$ docker run -it --name tender -p 5000:5000 -p 3000:3000 inertia/tender:latest

All changes in v0.0.5 tag:


With hiveblocks down, it's pretty hard to glance at NFT issuance. Rocks used to show them in the search result, but now we have to open the tx to see what nft were issued.

Would it be possible to change that to an expanded/flattened view?

Here's the current version:

I don't think I have the screen grab of what I'm calling an "expanded view", but basically it would allow seeing what was issued by scrolling through and seeing the various Issue multiple with the data on them rather than drilling down through the tx

If it is possible, how much would you charge to implement such a thing?

 8 months ago 

Yeah, the previous version didn't know what to do with those actions, so it showed a generic row. Now there's a generic NFT row. I'll see what I can do for the specific action.

 8 months ago 

Try it now, let me know.

That was fast! Thank you. It is better to scan visually

Could it also show the properties field? Here's an example

It's been really hard for NFT users (mostly from rising star and dcity) to get this information. Getting this on there is huge. If you don't hear from a few hundred people how grateful they are for it, please consider me their proxy 😁

 8 months ago 

Seems like it's already showing the flattened properties fields for those if present. is a good one for checking since it issues a lot

right now, I can scroll down a bit and see

Opening the tx

Ideally, we'd see that "R9 The Songwriter..." and such right on

May be that I didn't describe it right, so hopefully the pics and links are more sensible

I also don't expect you to work on it without compensation for your time and skill. I'm not a wealthy man, but should have some liquid HIVE in 5 days or so

 8 months ago 

Ok, I get it. I just realized it's the nested action. Those throw me off too. I intend to index those independently, but showing them here is no problem. Try it now.! Thank you so much 🙇

 8 months ago 

My pleasure.

Great. I really liked this for Steem-Engine. Thanks for the great work.

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