What Sunday feels like

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Today I woke up and saw the sun shining, temperature getting warmer, birds singing. I stretch my chest and take a fresh breath of air. Slowly sipping my green tea I feel optimistic about the world... wait what happened?

BTC took a beating, alts down, STEEM shit storm with @justinsunsteemit not over, the exchanges will worried...
Meanwhile, while we squabble, Italy is in deep shit with the coronavirus, people quarantined themselves in their homes, standing behind their windows coughing, literally, hospitals ran out of beds, even doctors are infected! Italy has family doctors that usually do house calls, well none of that is happening, consultation are happening on the phone, nobody is visiting anyone anywhere. It's sad and alarming.

In this troubled world, Sunday feels something like this:


And on top of that, imagine waking up in the morning at minus 18 C and 10 cm of fresh snow?

you must live on a different planet ;)

Sometimes when I read about climate changes and global warming, I'm asking my self the same question, hehe.

Didn't you know, global warming causes colder temperatures and more snow. Logic.

Hmm. I don't know why it posted in SteemdDevs community! Anyways, a little random doesn't hurt.

LoL ...

May be we will see some real progress being done !!!

Sympathize with you. Unfortunately, European governments are not taking the necessary measures to curb the spread of kronovirus.
It seems that ordinary people were put on the brink of survival.
I hope that you will not be able to get infected and will not be sick.

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