New PHISHING wave - DO NOT FALL FOR IT! There is NO mainnet launch for Leo, Appics or publish0x

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Thanks to @notesfortrader, @gtg, @louis88, @tarazkp, @nervi for the timely reports. Show them some love!


@imisstheoldkanye @vancouverpics



Thanks for the heads up! Fishing links are a huge problem in crypto so thank you all for defending our blockchain 😁

I am very glad that I could contribute to the fight against such unfair play by dishonest users. And thank you for continuing such a generous activity.

yip, thanks for taking action on frontends/communitys !

This fishing is a big problem.


Are you guys tracking this user for phishing? It would be nice to have all his comments auto hidden or something

Yes I’m already working on it, see my post about my universal script for hive frontends

Thanks for sharing and making us secure from it.