Feb. 12th fiction prompt| WAK-WAK (Kill me to leave you)

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Here's another fiction prompt of the day by @shadowspub. Since Valentines is near it's good to have love story.

The prompt | You’ve married the love of your life only to discover your spouse is a murderer.


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Jazer married to Aina. His love for her is undeniably true. He always makes her wife happy. He don't want it to get mad, it's not that he's afraid. He just don't want to because for him. Loving Aina is the reason why he still want to live. They were married for almost 5 years and everything seems perfect.

One night while Jazer walking in going to home. There is a part of the road that is very dark because one bulb malfunction. There are rumours about this place right why a bulb always malfunction even though it's newly replaced. That's why the government didn't bother of replacing this one part of the road.

According to the people there, that big tree at the back of the bulb. It is a house of mythical creatures in the Philippines. Like fairies, giant black creature and many more. Also they said that this part right here is the meeting place of *"wak-wak" (bisayan word). A wak-wak is mythical creature in the Philippines. It has wings, face, and claws like a bat. Although it has a long hair that can be manipulated if what they want it to happen.

When Jazer is walking in the road she thinks he saw his wife walking towards that malfunction bulb. He run so fast so that he can confirm it because he's worried that, why she left their 1 year old son. But when Jazer reaches that part of the road his wife is nowhere to find. He still worries so that he continues on running towards their house. When he arrives at their house the child is crying. He carry it while searching for his wife.


He's so afraid that it might true what their neighbours spreading rumour in their place. There's a rumour about his wife is a wak-wak. He don't want to believe it because he knew his wife and nothing happens to him for long.

He's walking and walking around their house when suddenly something fall's in their rooftop. It sounded like a person fell and it's huge. He run to other side to see if what was it. When he arrives at the other side he see's his wife slowly transforming into a human form. He see it with his own eyes about the explanation of the people how the wak-wak look's like. He see it all in his wife and he couldn't believe it.

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Jazer couldn't believe what he's seeing but when he see's his wife's face. He immediately put his child inside and carry his wife. Aina is bleeding in the stomach and there's still an arrow on it. Jazer feel's hurt seeing his wife in pain. He pulls the arrow while his wife is crying because of pain. Jazer's tears slowly falling as he see's his wife crying. Jazer slowly pulled the arrow in the stomach part if Aina.

They both resting and Aina look at Jazer in the face and said.

"I'm sorry honey, I don't want this but there's no cure with it."

Aina continues on crying because she feel's shy and afraid that Jazer will leave him. When Jazer started to talk, there are group of people is making a loud noise. The people in their neighbourhood know about Aina is a wak-wak. And there's an old saying that if you'll hurt a wak-wak just visit it right away or tomorrow so that it will die. Jazer know that belief as well so he's afraid that the people will visit their house and his wide will die. That's why he carries his son and pull his wife and said.

"I love you so much eveb though you're like that. You're a good wife to me despite from the fact that you're like that. I don't want to leave you or loose you."

Aina is crying while she's holding her stomach because she can still the pain. But she can move slowly thanks to the oil of coconut tree or "lana" (bisayan word). There's a belief that "lana" helps the wak-wak to heal their wounds by it. They go out at the back of their house and they decided to live in different place where no one knows about Aina. They always change location everytime Aina is being recognise as wak-wak.

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