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It's the third weekend of 2020! Oh wow, how fast time flew by. Prompt A Day challenge by @shadowspub keeps me looking forward to writing daily. I think the practice is really helpful. ^_^

For today, I might as well combine the word prompt: listen and the journal/blogging prompt: Write about spending a day with your favorite musician.

I have been meaning to share this story, but I didn't know how or when. This, after all, happened some few years back already. In a way, it's also #flashbackFriday. ^_^

meeting Marion.jpg
All photos featured are from my collection.

Note: I didn't exactly spend a whole day with Marion. I just went to her album launching at my neighborhood mall. Just to give a little backgrounder, she became an instant favorite of mine when I first listened to her music entry some years back for a local music songwriting contest. I thought it was awesome too that she sang her composition. I'm sharing a video below of the song I was referring to: If You Ever Change Your Mind

Her original composition was on her first music album that I bought. I loved all the songs on that album. I believe it could be found on YouTube.

Marion music albums.jpg

I have been blogging for quite some time now. I have even shared six of the videos of Marion's live performances on my Tumblr account. (It's a fangirling account.) I suppose you could say I had more time on my hands then. LOL ^_^

Marion's live performance video

Her second album was even better than the first one. To date, Marion is my go-to artist to listen to. She's doing more indie songs and writing for movies these days. She'll always be a favorite of mine. And yeah, we follow each other on Twitter. ^_^

me with Marion.jpg

I have made a video of our photos together. Perhaps next time around I could also share that here. Have a fantastic weekend! ^_^


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