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From the hills of seven valleys,
Cried an old infant with the eyes of an owl,
Abandoned by mother a day after the push,
Despite the loud cries,
Cries of agony from the scorching sun,
Pneumonia from the cold nights under the woods,
Bitten insects until after three days after the abandonment.

The cry attracted only one,
Women banished for witchcraft,
Sent away from having humans,
Left to die in the wild,
He heard the cry and agony,
Emecheta wasn't surprised at the act of mortals,
Even against the innocent infant.

Bitterly but with warmth in her heart,
She picked the infant and cleaned him,
Fed him with wild fruits and honey,
Now her boredom is gone,
Accompany in the infant she found,
The old forsaken witch is on a path,
Pursuing destiny in an unknown land.

What name fits him?
The hag contemplated as she wondered in the wild,
Nwéké fits for she found him on a market day,
Do you doubt his primitive skills?
That's how he survived life in the after a long walk through the thick,
Old hag welcomed him each time and they merry,
At the slightest portion of food.

The goblet made an awry sound each time Eze drank from it,
It kept asking where the heir apparent had been sent,
He must be sought else the village will be razed,
The search began after two decades Nwéké had been forsaken,
Without a thought until the golden goblet shook awkwardly,
Bring him bag Eze queried.

No matter what comes,
The forest of several demons,
As they were made to understand,
Must not be visited by mere mortals,
But this is a mission to save an entire generation,
The bravest were fortified for the journey,
The party entered the wild and combed until he was found.

If I must go with you,
She must be there with me,
As our destinies are tied together,
The party accepted that the old hag comes along,
Only as an observer outside the community,
As they approached home,
All that had come with them bowed before Eze,
An old prophecy is about to be fulfilled.

Nweke be King as prophecy is fulfilled,
Perseverance is the mother or attainment,
Amaecheta the banished old witch as proposed by a blind priest,
Blind at heart and eyes with a heavy bleak in the ear,
A deceitful chief priest consultation was devoted,
Sold his ride for a pot of lentils,
Amaecheta sent away in shame but welcome back in a grand feast.


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