The Solitary Tulip Poem

in Poetic Universelast month (edited)


You are the Renaissance
Reborn each year
From bulb to bloom

You are perseverance
Waiting it out
In damp soggy soil

You are humble
Lying in the dark
Though you seek the light

You are patience
Silently waiting
For your stage

You are fleeting
A colour cacophony
Nature's tapestry

You are beauty
Standing tall
For all to see

You will come again
To brighten our days
With vivid flamboyance

You are a beacon
Reminding us
We will rise again

Never give up
For the sun will shine
Warm upon our petals

We are miracles
Of nature, you and I
Mutual respect abounds

The lone flower

A few years when I planted some tullips, i got an amazing show of colour. They all bloomed and they were all beautiful. For a few reasons, the blooms have fallen away over the years. Cats constantly dig up the flower bed and disturb or damage the bulbs for example. Add to this the fact that I am a very amateur gardner who just makes it up as I go along and you can start to see why the blooms dont all return, all except this one yellow one, which refuses to give up and so i wrote a poem about it.

Here are some more pics of my strong willed tullip.



All photos are my osn taken with my Samsung A51 Smartphone


Peace Out.

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